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A celebration 120 years in the making. Watch Now
A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy

Master the ways of the road

Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy motorcycle classes and training are designed for riders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

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Life's better when you know how to ride

Nothing drowns out the noise of life like the roar of a motorcycle engine. We'll show you how to harness its power at our motorcycle training courses.

License Waiver


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Know how to ride but don't have a license? This motorcycle training course will sharpen your riding skills and your riding mindset. Successful completion earns the MSF BRC2 card and in most states a license waiver that gets you a motorcycle endorsement on your license at your state DMV.
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Even if you are a seasoned rider, you're never too good to keep learning. Discover advanced maneuvers and safety skills with a skilled rider course.
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Adventure Touring


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The Adventure Touring Ride Course is for licensed riders who own an Adventure Touring motorcycle and ride it on the street. No off-road experience is required. This class will teach you the basic skills you need to take your adventure from the streets to the dirt.
Pan Americas on dirt training course