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Screamin' Eagle® Performance

Screamin' Eagle® Performance Stage Kits take performance to the next level with increased acceleration and improved passing power when compared to stock bikes.  Eliminate all the guesswork and trial-and-error testing normally associated with engine modifications.  Stage upgrades include everything you need to enhance your bike’s performance.

Optimal Performance With Screamin' Eagle Kits

Most people who own a motorcycle want to enjoy the highest level of performance possible to take more joy rides throughout the week. Fortunately, Harley-Davidson bikes can be customized with unique features and Screamin Eagle parts that allow them to have more power. This can provide riders with the ultimate experience, and they can get more use out of their motorcycle in all types of settings.

Our Screamin' Eagle exhaust kits give motorcycles enhanced acceleration and passing power for those who have a need for speed. This can make it more fun to spend time on a hog and customize its performance, depending on where the rider will take the bike in the future. The variety of Screamin Eagle parts we have available in our inventory makes it possible to tailor the performance of the bike to the rider's needs to ensure it's even more enjoyable to operate.

Our Parts Meet High Standards

Similar to all Harley-Davidson motorcycles that are manufactured, our Screamin' Eagle air cleaners and other essential Screamin Eagle parts meet the same standards during the production process. This allows the accessories to potentially last long-term and hold up well when the motorcycle is frequently in use. Our Screamin Eagle parts have durable pieces and components that make them fit seamlessly on different types of motorcycle models. Their design keeps them in place without coming loose or rattling over time. Our design also means they won't cause damage to any of the neighboring parts on the bike.

Our Screamin' Eagle parts can help improve the ride quality of the bike and allow it to be used in more settings without as many limitations. The parts are fully adjustable and complement Screamin' Eagle engines, whether the bike will be used on a track or a street.

Whether consumers are building a new motorcycle from the ground up or are restoring an old model, the Screamin' Eagle performance parts can add personality and performance to your bike. The solid construction of the Screamin' Eagle parts can offer peace of mind to riders knowing the bike will operate well and can hold up while riding on different types of terrain. The variety of Screamin' Eagle performance parts in our inventory means the options are endless.