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Harley-Davidson Motor Company


To speak with a Harley-Davidson customer care representative please call 800-258-2464 or 414-343-4056.

Representatives are available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT).


To contact the Motor Company directly, please write:

Harley-Davidson Customer Care

3700 W. Juneau Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53208


Harley-Davidson® Online Store

For information and questions about your online order, shipping or returns, please contact us:


Phone: 1-800-258-2464

Monday through Friday, 8am – 7pm

Saturday, 8:30am – 5pm CST

Or, send us an email for online shopping help. 

Harley-Davidson Media Relations 

Member of the news media? Get inside the motor company.

Company, business, and financial Media questions

Please email Corporate Communication,


Product and rider experience media questions 

Please call 414-343-4636


Editorial media and journalists 

Needing additional information and images, please apply for access to the Harley-Davidson Media Web Site at

Harley-Davidson Owners Group

To contact the Harley Owners Group directly, please write:

National H.O.G. Office
P.O. Box 453
Milwaukee, WI 53201


To speak to a Member Relations Representative, please call 1-800-258-2464 (CLUBHOG). 

Representatives are available Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CDT.

Harley-Davidson Financial Services

Harley-Davidson Credit

Remember to contact Harley-Davidson Credit to obtain your pay-off amount prior to paying off your motorcycle loan to ensure accuracy. 

888-691-4337 (888-MY1-HDFS)


Eaglemark Savings Bank

Riders: 888-691-4337
Dealers: 866-499-4337


Harley-Davidson Cycle Insurance



Harley-Davidson Visa

Customer Service: 800-699-2281
To Apply: 877-74-7663 ext. 1206 (877-74-CHROME)


Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealerships

Contact your local authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for additional information about products and services.Visit the Harley-Davidson Dealer Locator to find your local dealer's contact information.

Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealerships

Contact your local authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for additional information about products and services.

Visit the Harley-Davidson Dealer Locator to find your local dealer's contact information.

Ideas for Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Technical Patent or Patent Pending Inventions relating to one of our existing products or New Products

We are always interested in the imagination and creativity of Harley-Davidson Motor Company motorcycle enthusiasts, and we welcome your ideas about our products and services. Given the volume of communication we receive from our enthusiasts, we ask that you read and understand the following conditions:

If your idea is covered by: 

1.  An existing patent or pending patent application, or

2. Your idea is a technical invention relating to one of our existing products or new products Please follow these Idea Submission Instructions:

Complete an Idea Submission form

Once you have completed the form, please mail the form, along with a complete description of your idea, as well as photographs, drawings, specifications and details to:


Attn: Idea Submissions

3700 West Juneau Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208


Harley-Davidson Motor Company generally does not pay any compensation to anyone for ideas and cannot promise that any compensation will be paid once an idea is submitted.

Unfortunately, because of the volume of idea submissions we receive, we cannot promise we will use your idea or respond to your submission

Harley-Davidson Licensing Department

If you are a manufacturer or company interested in producing licensed products bearing the registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, please review the instructions and the Licensee Application below.

Dear Prospective Licensee:

Harley-Davidson’s Licensing Department is responsible to pursue and review business opportunities with companies that have the expertise and resources to provide product that will enhance the Harley-Davidson motorcycle experience. Our brand is one of our most valued assets. We continuously look to bring the right product mix to market while protecting and preserving the integrity of the Harley-Davidson brand.

To do this, we carefully review and consider licensees based on the following criteria:

  • Leader in the category or a company possessing a unique patented “new” product or category
  • Meets or exceeds our labor laws, safe and barrier free work environments, etc. 
  • Have the ability to sell and service our Dealer Network 
  • Financially positioned to endure the term of the Licensed Agreement 
  • In-house art, product development, quality control, accounting, and logistic departments that meet or exceed our expectations 
  • Ability to translate the Harley-Davidson Brand into product


The Harley-Davidson Licensing Department will not review submissions for the following requests:


  • Product ideas that require Harley-Davidson Motor Company to manufacture or support financially. 
  • One-time permission to use company information, our trademarks and/or imagery. 

  • Unsolicited ideas. Instructions and process for these types of submissions are available by calling the Idea Submission Hotline at 414-343-7744.

Proposals will not be considered without the Licensee Application Form completed. Do not send samples at this time. Please refer to Page 4 of the Licensee Application Form for the legal notice regarding samples that may be requested after the proposal is reviewed.

Sign, date and submit the Licensee Application Form in its entirety to: Or, you can mail the form to the following address. Please retain a copy for your files.

Licensee Application Form
Harley-Davidson Motor Company Attn: Licensing Department/Application Submission

3700 W. Juneau Avenue Milwaukee
WI 53208

If you have further questions, please e-mail

Harley-Davidson Investor Relations

Computershare, Inc.

P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940-3078
1-866-360-5339 (Toll-free-within U.S. and Canada)
1-312-360-5339 (Outside U.S. and Canada)


For all other investor relations questions, please contact:

Harley-Davidson, Inc. Investor Relations
3700 West Juneau Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208
877-437-8625 (1-887-HDSTOCK toll-free) or