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Men's Motorcycle Gear & Apparel

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April is Check Your Helmet Month

With proper care, the lifespan of an H-D helmet is 3-5 years - but there are other factors to consider.  Over time, your helmet's foam layer hardens and loses its ability to absorb shock, and any dents on the shell or fraying of the straps means it's time for a replacement. 

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Our highly technical riding gear is engineered to meet demanding expectations for protection, versatility, and mobility—without compromising style. Across a world of different terrain sand climates, we’ve made sure to havethe kit you need when everything becomes a road.
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Capture the spirit of passionate motorcycling with a new H-D short or long sleeve shirt. 
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Motorcycle gear can help you battle the elements and stand out in your crew. With the proper men's apparel, you'll feel comfortable and look good. When you're cruising down the highway, gear like your gloves, jacket, and pants need to be top of the line so you stay safe. Harley-Davidson motorcycle riding gear, like our boots, goes great with our choppers, and they're both designed to last. We offer typical riding boots along with boots that look more like sneakers, so you can wear them whenever you want. Even if you’re taking a break from your bike, you'll still look stylish in men's biker clothing like our jackets. These jackets have plenty of pockets, and most are made of leather. Some come with our logo on the back, while others have a more basic design. Whatever you choose, you're sure to look good, and since we use quality materials, these jackets will last for a long time. Want more motorcycle clothing? Harley-Davidson even has pants and chaps so you can be completely decked out. Choose from tough abrasion-resistant denim or waterproof overpants. When you're wearing motorcycle clothing, people will be able to tell your love for riding. That's why you want to get your threads from a place that specializes in men's motorcycle gear.

In addition to typical men's clothing and motorcycle apparel, we also offer luggage bags so you can carry everything you need on the back of your bike. Staying safe while riding is important, which is why we offer a number of helmets. You can find ones that fit your style whether that means a bold pattern or a solid color.