Men's Motorcycle Rain Gear

Men's Rain Gear

Bad weather doesn't have to stop you when you've got a rain suit for bikers. A good set of rain gear can protect you from light drizzles, sudden thunderstorms and everything in between. Our licensed Harley-Davison rain gear comprises waterproof fabric that keeps you from getting soaking wet and slipping or losing control of your bike. Toss it in your bag and wear it over your regular clothes whenever the clouds start to look threatening. Select products, including our waterproof motorcycle suit, come with reflective material that makes it easier for other drivers to see you on the road.

To start, invest in one of our Harley-Davidson rain jackets. The rain slides right off these jackets without soaking your clothes and ruining the trip. The fabric is strong but light and breathable so you won't get overheated in the middle of a summer rainstorm. You can use the neck cinch to keep water from dripping into the inside of your jacket. Better yet, our breathable motorcycle rain jackets come with everything else you'd need in a riding jacket, including snug pockets and a convenient two-way zipper.

Once you've found the perfect jacket, complete your wardrobe with a set of rain pants. Like our jackets, these Harley-Davidson rain pants are dry, waterproof and sealed in various places so the rain can't seep under the fabric. These pants also come with an anti-slip seat that keeps you from sliding off the bike during a rainstorm. You can buy these pants individually or pick up a one-piece motorcycle rain suit.

Finally, pick up a set of rain gaiters to protect your boots during the ride. When the rain starts, you can slide these gaiters over your boots and get back on the road in no time at all. Our gaiters also feature reflective graphics that make you more visible on the road, even in the middle of a rainstorm. Once you're caught in a thunderstorm without your motorcycle rain helmet and the rest of your rain gear, you'll never leave home without them again.