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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.


Motorcycle Oil Change Kits


Everything you need for a complete engine oil and filter change.


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Complete Motorcycle Oil Change Kits

Our motorcycle oil change kits provide consumers with everything needed to perform an oil change every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. Each oil change kit we carry makes it easy to have the necessary tools and equipment without purchasing the items separately or forgetting certain tools that are needed. The motorcycle oil change kits are ideal to use on any type of Harley-Davidson model and can allow riders to keep up with the maintenance and upkeep of their bikes.

Investing in a motorcycle oil change kit also makes it possible to perform oil changes without the help of a local mechanic. This offers added savings throughout the year and can be more convenient to do at home instead of visiting a local shop. Whether the motorcycle uses synthetic engine oil or genuine oil, our kits have a variety of options to maintain bikes.

Choose From a Variety of Motorcycle Oil Change Kits 

Not only does our extensive inventory include kits and tools for changing the oil in a Harley-Davidson, but we also carry other items that can make it easier and more efficient to perform this type of motorcycle maintenance. We carry oil filter removal wrenches, oil drain pans, funnels, cooler kits and bulk motorcycle oil and lubricants. Using all of these items can help boost the operation of the bike and prevent issues from developing in the engine. It can also help all of the motorcycle parts operate reliably. With routine oil changes performed on the vehicle, it can help extend the life span of the bike to ensure riders get more use out of it.

The hardware and parts we carry meet high standards and are designed to have the same quality as Harley-Davidson parts. They're designed to work well with different motorcycles for added convenience and to accommodate different motorcycle owners.

Avoid Making Mistakes

Using our motorcycle oil change kits makes it possible to provide a high level of care to a motorcycle. Riders can have full control of the upkeep and maintenance of their bikes.

The oil change kits we offer can make it easier to avoid making mistakes while handling the oils and fluids or forgetting certain steps. This can protect the rider's investment and help avoid potential mechanical issues that can occur with the engine.