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Women's Motorcycle Rain Gear for Women

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Discover Motorcycle Rain Gear for Women

Women who ride in wet conditions need rain gear designed for water, speed and wind. We offer several different women's rain gear options created specifically for inclement weather. Riders can choose between complete women's rain sets and individual pieces like jackets, pants or boots.

Waterproof Rain Gear for Women

When searching for waterproof rain gear for women, one of the features that riders appreciate is venting. These vents are commonly positioned so that they face the back of the jacket or under the arms. This allows body heat to escape in a direction that is shielded from wind speed. Venting helps to make the rain gear for women useful in different outdoor temperatures.

Women's rain pants for motorcycles are often designed with additional layers on the front side where the wind and rain are most likely to reach. Rain gear for women is often form-fitting to prevent clothing from flapping in the wind at high speeds.

Women's Motorcycle Rain Gear: Boots

Women's motorcycle riding boots can come in many different heights. They commonly have a heel, which can help to keep a rider's feet on the pegs in wet conditions. Leather is the most common material for riding boots, even when included as a part of women's rain gear. Waterproofing lotions can be added to these boots each season to keep them in good condition.

Motorcycle Rain Gear for Women

Harley-Davidson offers several different options for women's motorcycle rain gear. Browse our selection regularly to discover seasonal, discounted and limited-edition clothing pieces.