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Men's Wallets

Every Harley-Davidson owner needs a vintage biker wallet. Your wallet isn't just another accessory — it's an important part of your journey that reveals something about your personality. Some men and women carry their entire lives in their wallets. You've got your credit cards, debit card, driver's license, family pictures, coupons, business cards, cash, change, spare gas money and everything else you need to survive on the road. When you hit the highway, you'll probably be seeing your wallet at least once a day. Why not go with a classic that reminds you how much you love the Harley-Davidson brand in the first place?

Our old-school biker wallets are made from genuine black leather that's tough, weather-resistant and oozing with character. The embossed Harley-Davidson logo on the front of your vintage chain wallet adds a subtle touch that's reminiscent of rugged biker gear. When you open our bifold wallets, you find all the room you need to store your valuables. There's enough space for cash, change, checkbooks, debit cards and everything else you need for the trip. Over time, your wallet is going to be stuffed with cards, papers and dollar bills. You'll need a spacious wallet that can handle everything you accumulate along your journey.

For extra protection, select biker wallets come with a grommet so that you can attach a chain. Our wallets also come with RFID blocking technology that keeps people from stealing your card information. Harley-Davidson biker wallets are attractive but not flashy and both vintage and modern at the same time. You can use this wallet every day without wearing out the leather. Stick it in your pocket, or throw it in a bag and get ready for your next adventure. Finish gearing up with other important men's biker accessories such as a classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle watch.