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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.
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Electric Balance Bikes

Starts with curiosity, runs on pure adrenaline


H-D® is expanding its balance bike line to include larger 18" and 20" versions to extend the riding experience. The new larger bikes feature an all new 36 Volt motor platform and hydraulic disc brakes  to tackle more terrain and longer trips.

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Shop Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes

Teaching children how to balance on a bike is a step in the right direction for their first electric balance bike. If they are interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle like the adults in their lives, electric balance bikes for kids are the right place to start. There is a kids' electric bike for younger riders, and a kids' electric bike for older riders, too.

Proper Protective and Riding Gear

Along with an electric bike for kids, consider boys' riding gear and girls' riding gear. Kids should wear the proper protective gear and comfortable clothing like you’ll find in our girls and boys' apparel collections. This includes riding helmets and jackets and pants in both boys' and girls' riding gear departments.

Choosing the Right Kid’s Electric Bicycle

Choosing the right Harley-Davidson kid’s electric bicycle starts with the age of the child. The smaller electric balance bike is for children ages 3-5. The larger electric bike for kids is for children who are age 6 and up. The weight restrictions tend to cut off around age 7. Harley-Davidson recommends weighing and measuring the child to pick the best bike, but no child under the age of 3 should be riding these balance bikes.

Kids’ Electric Bikes

Some people think balance bikes look like mini dirt bikes, except without the engine and the motor sounds. These are great way to get outside with your family. Come take a look at these unique Harley-Davidson products for kids!