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2022 Motorcycles

2022 Sport Motorcycles

We’ve put the sport back into our Sportster® models.  

Sport Highlights

Performance Designed to be fast and nimble, we’ve reduced the weight of the motorcycles throughout and equipped them with torque-focused, liquid-cooled Revolution® Max engines.
Styling Bold, classic and contemporary. Our latest sport models may have the same Sportster® lineage, but each model has its own style, stance and mood that appeals to a wide range of riders.
Advanced Features Evolved for today’s riding needs. Harley-Davidson Sport models come packed with the latest features: Selectable Ride Modes, Rider Safety Enhancements, LED lighting, 6-Speed transmission and more. 
Sport motorcycles
Sport motorcycles
Sport motorcycles
Nightster Motorcycle
An instrument of expression, a machine born from an icon of yesterday evolved for the riders of today. A vehicle rooted in a legacy of authenticity and strength. With a depth that goes beyond form and function, creating an emotion 65 years in the making.
Sportster S Motorcycle
Sportster® S
Sportster® S is the first chapter of a whole new book of the Sportster saga. A legacy born in 1957 that outperformed the competition is now rebuilt to blow away the standards of today.

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Sport Motorcycle Riding

For bikers who love adventures like tearing up streets and climbing mountain roads, Harley-Davidson has a vast selection of sport motorcycles to deliver the desired thrills. Each of H-D's riding models is unique and customizable to its rider. Get out and enjoy navigating the streets and mountain curves on a stylish sport motorcycle from Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycles for Long or Short Trips

For riders who need the inspiration to hit the road and see the world, H-D's sport motorcycle lineup includes a great sports bike for longer rides. It has a custom seat with a feet-down position for a smoother ride. We also have cool street motorcycles in the lineup. All models have a variety of color options. Harley’s sport motorcycles feature iconic designs and authentic sound as the original H-D sports bikes from the 1950s. Don’t forget to check out our authentic H-D riding gear, like leather motorcycle jackets and helmets.

Sport Motorcycle Engines

Our sport motorcycles are ready to go with a liquid-cooled system on a twin-engine, achieving over 120 horsepower. These engines also utilize Variable Valve Timing, improving torque and power. In addition to having more power, these engines vibrate much less and get better gas mileage than other models. Great handling around corners and a more comfortable ride make these sport motorcycles favorites among Harley enthusiasts in search of adventure.