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2022 Cruiser Motorcycles

Authentic heritage meets modern technology for power, style, and the unadulterated riding experience – around town or along country roads.

Vehicle shown may vary visually by market and may differ from vehicles manufactured and delivered. Availability may vary by market, please see your local dealer for details.

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Cruiser Motorcycles From Harley-Davidson

Designed with passionate Harley fans in mind, cruiser motorcycles from Harley-Davidson come with a mix of modern technology and feature the classic style of the Hog. These bikes perform just as well on country roads as on paved city streets and highways, making them a great city cruiser. Thanks to their versatility, cruiser bikes can go anywhere the rider wants to go.

Models With Modern Amenities

As much as some riders love the classic designs from the 1970s and earlier, many riders today want modern amenities that help them ride easier. Cruisers now include features such as an adaptive seat that adjusts to the rider's size and height and their driving style. Many of harley-Davidson cruiser motorcycles have a lower profile that allows riders to stay comfortable during a long ride. A Harley cruiser motorcycle will often include an air-cooled engine, allowing air to reach the engine and keep it from overheating. Engine options range from 500cc to 1,749cc.

Classic Colors and Handlebar Options for Harley Cruiser Motorcycles

As a bonus, riders can choose the right color for their Harley-Davidson cruiser. While some motorcycles come in just two colors, others come in four shades. Handlebars come in four options to meet the needs of individual riders. They include forward, relaxed, stretched and upright. Some have the option of a passenger seat as well.

Variety of Choices for a Variety of Riders

Riders can choose from three motorcycle foot control options: floorboard, forward, and mid-mount. If storage is a must, we also carry options with saddlebags.