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Rider-to-Rider Financing

Private Party Financing

Through the Harley-Davidson Rider-to-Rider Financing Program*, financing is available to qualified individuals who are buying a used motorcycle from a private party. Your local participating Harley-Davidson® dealer can help you obtain financing and give you peace of mind knowing Harley-Davidson experts are involved in your sale.

Financing Benefits for the Buyer

Have you decided to buy a used Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and need to obtain financing to complete the sale? Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) can help.

  • Competitive financing rates and terms available
  • All buyers considered
  • Ability to include additional Harley-Davidson® branded products and services (Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan, Parts & Accessories, Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® Accessories) only available at your Harley-Davidson® dealership to the amount financed
  • Opportunity to have the bike inspected and receive a maintenance check prior to purchase.

Questions? Call 866-411-3770.


**The Harley-Davidson Rider-to-Rider Financing Program is offered through Eaglemark Savings Bank (ESB), a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) at participating Harley-Davidson Dealerships.

Financing Benefits for the Seller

Expand the pool of potential buyers for your motorcycle by offering them a financing option to help complete the sale. Let the H-D® dealer quickly and easily handle the processing of all paperwork (e.g. title transfer, bill of sale, loan contract, etc.) and applicable factory warranties, plus assist you with your current loan payoff (if applicable).


Questions? Call 866-411-3770.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Complete the ESB Online Credit Application.
  2. Go to your local Harley-Davidson® dealership.
  3. Once the credit application has been approved, the dealership will visually inspect the motorcycle, verify all paperwork is completed correctly, and ensure (if applicable) all factory warranties are properly transferred.
  4. To complete the sale you need to provide: 
    • Valid state or federal government photo identification
    • Proof of physical damage insurance (your Harley-Davidson® dealership can help you acquire insurance if needed)
    • Down payment via cash, check or credit card
  5. You may also need to provide:
    • Proof of income (e.g. W2 or current paycheck stub)
    • Proof of residence (e.g. utility bill, mortgage loan statement) 
  6. Take delivery of your motorcycle.

  1. Call your local Harley-Davidson® dealer to discuss how the H-D Rider-to-Rider Financing Program can help you (use the dealer locator to find the H-D® dealer nearest to you).
  2. Let your buyer know that competitive financing rates and terms are available to them through your local Harley-Davidson® dealer.
  3. Recommend your buyer complete the Online Credit Application.
  4. Bring the motorcycle being sold to your local H-D® dealer along with your valid identification, title and/or current loan information. (If you have a joint loan account both account holders must be present or a notarized release from parties not present providing permission to sell must be presented at time of transaction).
  5. Once your buyer's credit application has been approved, the dealership will visually inspect the motorcycle, verify all paperwork is completed correctly, and ensure (if applicable) all factory warranties are properly transferred.
  6. Confirm delivery of bike to your buyer.
  7. Receive a check from the H-D® dealership for the sale of your motorcycle.



No. The transaction is still a private sale. Many sellers find the easiest and quickest way to sell their bike is by helping their buyers obtain financing to complete the sale. Only your local Harley-Davidson® dealer can offer financing through the H-D Rider-to-Rider Financing Program. Let your H-D® dealer do the work for you so you can easily complete your sale and get your money faster.

Through H-D Rider-to-Rider Financing Program you can acquire the financing necessary to complete your bike purchase. Your H-D® dealer can offer you competitive financing rates and terms and work with you to customize a solution that best meets your needs. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a complete maintenance check on the bike and all factory warranties will be successfully transferred from the previous owner. You also may be able to include additional H-D® branded products and services (H-D® Extended Service Plan, Parts & Accessories, H-D® MotorClothes) only available at your H-D® dealership to the financed amount. The H-D® dealer will be available to answer any of your questions and provide you expert service on the day of the sale and into the future.


Yes. The H-D® dealer must visually inspect the motorcycle at the dealership and verify both the buyers and seller information. The buyer must take delivery of the bike at the H-D® dealership location.

Yes, you can advertise that financing is available on your motorcycle through this program. This is a great way to expand the pool of potential buyers. You can also include the link to our Online Credit Application in your ad to encourage customers to apply.