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Motorcycle Windshields & Wind Deflectors

Motorcycle Windshields and Deflectors

Windshields and deflectors are some of the main puzzle pieces for making a motorcycle as comfortable as it can be. From an aerodynamic perspective, Harley-Davidson motorcycle windshields can improve on the ease with which the motorcycle works against air resistance. While having a windshield is largely a question of personal preference, it's good to consider the functional advantages that this crucial part adds to the bike's overall performance.

With a motorcycle windshield whose aesthetic doesn't clash with that of the motorcycle wheels, the bike can achieve a state-of-the-art appearance. By combating the windblast on the rider's face and thoracic region, a windshield helps to deliver a more comfortable and relaxed ride. To achieve this effect, the surface area of the windshield plays a part in acting as a windbreaker for the rider's body.

Though a matter of personal preference, the ideal height of a motorcycle windshield is about horizontally level with the rider's nose. While many riders may prefer either a higher or lower motorcycle windshield height, a horizontal height is just enough to cover most of the rider's body. It also leaves enough free room for viewing the road ahead.

Windshields for motorcycles also play a part in determining how motorcyclists can develop different riding styles. One determining factor is how much air resistance the windshield helps to counter. Acrylic and polycarbonate are the materials that most often go into fabricating a motorcycle windshield. They are both accessible and easy to use. At Harley-Davidson, motorcycle deflectors and windshields are easy to come by, regardless of the windshield size and style the biker needs. Browse our selection today.