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Women's Motorcycle Eyewear

Women's Eyewear 

If there is one thing our female riders value more than women's motorcycle headwraps, custom clothing and useful bike accessories, it's a high-quality pair of sunglasses. Whether you're out enjoying a ride with a group of friends or hiking a trail on a vibrant, sunny day, you need protective eyewear for women in your arsenal. Harley-Davidson's wind sunglasses for women use a unique combination of protective technology and customization for optimal performance and adaptability. Our glasses are inlaid with soft, form-fitting gel that hugs the unique contours of the rider's face. More importantly, our sunglasses are capable of being filled with prescription-strength lenses for increased viewing capacity. And in dire moments, our women's performance eyewear will protect the delicate regions of your eye from debris, chemicals, sweat and rocks that get kicked up from other vehicles. Never again will you have fear or anxiety when trekking out on the road and interacting with Mother Nature's elements.

But we wouldn't be doing our job if our mirrored women's eyewear for motorcycle riding weren't sleek and beautifully designed. We provide a myriad of colors, textures, materials and shapes to fit our riders' preferences and tastes. Whether you need wind sunglasses to block out gusts on the road or something with UV protection, we've got a solution for you. Our Harley-Davidson design team equips each order with an elegant carrying bag, cleanser and high-quality packaging. As if that weren't enough, head on over and find a replacement gasket for your glasses to keep yourself protected and secure. If you have a trip planned and want the perfect set of glasses for the ride, browse through our extensive array of Harley-Davidson-themed eyewear. Let people know you belong to the Harley-Davidson family with our affordable and durable biker eyewear for women!