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At Harley-Davidson, we feature a variety of men's hats to choose from. You can choose to purchase biker hats, riding men's hat, men's leather caps, or even motorcycle caps. Each comes with unique designs and features that make them stand out from other hats on the market. There are many benefits to wearing men's caps besides the fact that they are pretty fashionable. These hats are designed to keep you cool on hot days. The material draws perspiration away from your head, keeping you cool.

Moreover, the air is able to run through the fabric, which will cool you down even further. The material in the Harley-Davidson graphic caps consists of cotton and spandex. Our men's biker hats are made of 100% polyester with mesh on the back. The graphics of the riding men's hats are from the 9Fifty silhouette or 39Fifty silhouette New Era line of Harley-Davidson. The back of all the hats has a snap-back closure or a stretched fit so that you can adjust the size of the hat to your liking.

There are additional benefits of wearing a cap from Harley-Davidson. These hats can keep your hair from flying everywhere while on a run or on your motorcycle. This also allows you to protect your scalp from sun damage. When it rains, the cap will provide a layer of protection, preventing rain droplets from falling into your eye and clogging your vision. Likewise, it provides a great amount of protection against wind and dust.

Shop at Harley-Davidson today to find the men's hat style that is right for you. We have baseball caps, flat brim hats, and trucker hats, so you're sure to find motorcycle hats you like. Yay!