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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Two-Year Warranty on Parts & Accessories

Custom Coverage® Limited Warranty Enhancement on Street Legal Genuine Motor Parts and Street Legal Genuine Motor Accessories

The Custom Coverage program enhances the limited warranty coverage on qualifying Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories that were purchased new, installed by an Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer and registered to a qualifying motorcycle. Purchase options for new Genuine Parts and Accessories include; a) E-Commerce site, b) In-Store Online Purchase in Harley-Davidson Dealership, c) Directly through an Authorized Harley-Davidson dealership. This program provides parts and labor coverage for qualifying Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories for the remainder of the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on the motorcycle.

To qualify for Custom Coverage, 1) the motorcycle must be under the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty at the time the Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories are purchased and installed; 2) the Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories must be installed by the authorized Harley-Davidson dealer; and 3) the Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories must be electronically registered to the vehicle by the authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer.1

1 Dealers must validate parts were purchased new for anything that wasn’t purchased directly in their dealership.

The Harley-Davidson Custom Coverage Limited Warranty Enhancement for Genuine Motor Parts and Genuine Motor Accessories will run concurrent with and for the remaining length of the motorcycle’s 24-month Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. If the motorcycles Limited Warranty expires during the term of the Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts’ or Accessory’s P&A part warranty (1-year from purchase date), the P&A limited part warranty will still provide coverage for the remaining term of the limited part warranty but will no longer have the enhanced labor coverage.

  • Example: Daymaker headlight is installed and registered to a vehicle with 6-months remaining on the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, that headlight qualifies for 6 months of Custom Coverage Limited Warranty (Parts and Labor) and 6 months of standard P&A warranty (Part Only).

To locate the authorized Harley-Davidson dealership nearest you, visit the Dealer Locator.