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Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders & Enthusiasts – Harley-Davidson Gift Ideas

October 18, 2023 Comments Comment

The open road, the purr of the engine, the iconic emblem gleaming on a chrome gas tank—there's something undeniably compelling about the Harley-Davidson experience. Why not add to that experience with the perfect gift for your motorcycle lover?

Of course, whether you're shopping for an avid rider or a Harley-Davidson enthusiast whose riding days are done, finding the right gift can be tough. This comprehensive motorcycle gift guide will help you cruise through your shopping journey. Covering everything from parts and accessories to apparel, and even unique gift ideas for all ages and budgets, you're sure to find the ideal present to delight your favorite motorcycle lover. Let's kickstart this ride and discover some of the best Harley-Davidson gift ideas for your favorite rider.

Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders from H-D

From performance-enhancing parts and accessories to gear that’s protective and stylish all the same, Harley-Davidson has no shortage of great gift ideas for the motorcycle rider in your life. Virtually anything from Harley-Davidson’s wide array of parts and accessories can make for a thoughtful gift choice. Help your rider customize their bike with everything from luggage for their next long trip to decorative trim products for added style. You can also help them personalize their look and stay both comfortable and safe with great gifts like our coolest helmets, most stylish jackets, and our best boots and shoes.


Helmets are not just essential safety gear, but they also allow riders to express their style. Harley-Davidson offers a range of helmets, from full-face options that provide maximum safety to open-face ones that offer the feeling of freedom on the road. A helmet with unique designs, integrated Bluetooth communication systems, or an anti-fog visor could also be the perfect gift for a tech-savvy rider or someone who rides in all weather conditions.


Motorcycle jackets are a fusion of style, comfort, and safety. With materials ranging from classic leather to modern textile variants, these jackets can offer a balance of protection and polish. Look for features such as armored padding, ventilation systems, and thermal liners for the ultimate comfort and security. A branded Harley-Davidson jacket makes a statement and will be appreciated by any motorcycle enthusiast.

Boots & Shoes

A trusty pair of boots is an integral part of any rider's gear. From ankle-height riding shoes to tall, classic biker boots, there's a style for everyone. Choose from boots with various features like waterproofing, ankle protection, and oil-resistant soles, or opt for something stylish that allows them to rock iconic Harley-Davidson branding even when they’re away from the open road. 

Rider Comfort

Rider comfort is a key component in making every ride as enjoyable as possible. Choose parts and accessories that will enhance the expoerince for the rider in your life. Harley has many comfort accessories to choose from including heated grips, seat pads and air deflectors.

Best Gifts for Non-Riders but Moto-Lovers from H-D

Harley-Davidson themed apparel, home décor, or collectibles are excellent gift choices for even non-riders who are still passionate about motorcycles. Consider items like fashionable t-shirts, barware and coffee mugs, as well as hats, jewelry, and more. These gifts allow recipients to express their love for the open road and the iconic Harley-Davidson brand, even if they're not often out there themselves.

Best Gifts Under $50 from H-D

You don't have to break the bank to find the perfect Harley-Davidson gift. Wallets, caps, small tool kits, and much more can all be thoughtful presents. These affordable gifts under $50 show that you appreciate their passion for Harley-Davidson, even on a budget.

Best Gifts Under $100 from H-D

If you're looking to spend a bit more, consider these higher-end accessories and apparel that are still under $100. A quality sweatshirt, folding chair, or any number of accessories can make for excellent gifts. These items combine practicality with the right touch of luxury, making them great choices for any Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

Best Gifts for Men from H-D

Men who ride or simply admire Harley-Davidson motorcycles might appreciate practical yet stylish items. Think leather gloves, branded backpacks, or their new favorite hat or hoodie. Many of these top gifts for men can be used on the road or off, reminding them of their passion for all things Harley every time they step out of the house.

Best Gifts for Women from H-D

For the women in your life who love Harley-Davidson, consider stylish jewelry adorned with the brand's logo or attractive riding apparel—from rain gear to summertime essentials—specially designed to offer a perfect fit and a comfortable ride. These gifts combine functionality with the classic aesthetic of Harley-Davidson—something any enthusiast will appreciate.

Best Gifts for Kids from H-D

Inspire the next generation of riders with Harley-Davidson gifts for kids. From miniature electric balance bikes that spark curiosity to clothing and accessories featuring the same iconic Bar and Shield that you wear, your gift can stimulate a lifelong passion. 

Best Gifts for the Bike from H-D

Every Harley-Davidson motorcycle deserves some pampering, too. A high-quality motorcycle cover, a tool kit, or oil change kit can extend the life and shine of a beloved motorcycle. Motorcycle cleaning products are also thoughtful options that help maintain the bike's luster. Upgraded motorcycle parts, like new handlebar grips or a sleek luggage rack, can be just the ticket for a more comfortable and convenient ride. These unique gifts and more can someone’s bike (or your own) achieve greater performance or just the look they’re after.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiasts in your life. Prefer to explore your choices in person? Find your local Harley-Davidson® dealer to check out our top gift ideas. 

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