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Men's Motorcycle Shoes

Men's Riding Shoes 

If you like to ride your Harley-Davidson at a moment's notice, you'll want a pair of men's motorcycle shoes at the ready. It's important to have a pair that's comfortable yet rugged enough to handle long rides. Our motorcycle sneakers come in a wide array of colors, designs, and materials, such as leather. Here is a look at some of the things to consider when choosing a pair of the best motorcycle shoes for yourself.

Harley-Davidson men's motorcycle riding shoes come in all shapes and forms. Some riders may not want to sport classic riding boots; instead, they prefer their regular sneakers. However, normal sneakers are often not strong enough to handle the rough terrain of the streets. Fortunately, we at Harley-Davidson have introduced our own line of riding sneakers. Now, riders will have no worries going from their motorcycle to their home or office and back on their bike with Harley-Davidson sneakers. If you want something a little more sturdy, explore our line of chukkas.

Besides durability, what other advantages do Harley-Davidson riding shoes offer to riders? Comfort is a primary function. Harley-Davidson shoes are created with lightweight and flexible construction for added comfort. This also includes an ankle protection insert to ensure that you're not irritating your skin each time you place your foot down on the road or feel the heat from the motor. Harley-Davidson makes shoes that are oil and slip-resistant for needed traction. Our goal is to provide consumers of all ages with the gear they need to safely ride their motorcycles.

If you're ready to get your own pair of Harley-Davidson leather motorcycle shoes or if you'd prefer a casual pair of H-D sneakers, check out our selection.