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Exclusively on LiveWire

H-D Connect

Enhanced security, bike stats and convenience.

Activate Your Account 

Before you begin:
  • Make sure you have signed up for H-D Connect
  • Move your bike to an open area with cellular coverage
  • Download the H-D App

Step 1

Open the H-D App

When you open the app, you’ll be asked to grant the App access to your location and allow notifications. Tap “Yes.” It’s required to use all available H-D™ Connect features. You will also need to accept the app terms of use.

Step 2

Log into your profile

Tap on the helmet icon on the bottom to create your profile. Be sure to use the same email address associated with your H-D Connect Service

step 3

Select your H-D Connected bike

The bike associated with your H-D Connect service will populate in the app

step 4

Start pairing your bike

Tap on “Activate H-D™ Connect” begin. Follow the in-app instructions on your bike details screen to continue the activation.

step 5

Turn your bike on, but don't start it

Turn your ignition switch or fork-lock to Ignition. Press your Off/Run switch to Run. Tap “next” to move onto the next step.

step 6

Complete this sequence on your bike

Complete the following sequence and tap “next” when finished.

  1. Press and hold the Low-Beam/Flash-to-Pass switch for at least 5 seconds
  2. When applicable, shift transmission to neutral before starting to prevent accidental movement
  3. Press the start switch to start your bike

step 7

Wait for the activation sequence to finish

You’ll get this screen when the activation sequence has been successfully entered. It may take up to 2 minutes to finish activation.

step 8

turn off your bike and wait 60 seconds

After you’ve successfully activated your H-D Connect service, please turn your motorcycle off and wait 60 seconds before starting back up for your next ride.

If your activation wasn’t successful, you’ll be prompted to retry the process.

You can also reach out for support if you’re having trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

H-D Connect provides convenience and peace of mind by allowing you to connect remotely to your LiveWire motorcycle, right from your mobile phone. With H-D Connect you will be able to view key vehicle health information, including security notifications and stolen vehicle tracking. Find a charge station, receive maintenance reminders, and more to maximize your pre and post ride experience.

If you own an H-D Connect compatible motorcycle, you may sign up at any time.

Establish a strong cellular connection on your mobile phone before initiating the activation process. The time needed to activate will vary based on cellular service, but average activation time is expected to take 2 minutes. To activate:

1. Download the Harley-Davidson mobile app and create an account.

2. Log in with account.

3. Add your bike to your profile by VIN or bike year and model.

4. Click on your H-D™ Connect capable bike. Click "Activate H-D™ Connect" on your bike's profile. Follow the activation prompts on your screen

Log in to your H-D profile and go to "Bike Details" section to cancel.

If additional assistance is needed, call the customer contact center.

North America (US and Canada) toll free: 866-895-4707

Outside North America: 414-343-4736

H-D Connect will be offered for free for all qualifying LiveWire motorcycles.

You will see the "activation successful" or H-D Connect active message in the "Bike Details" section of your app.

H-D Connect is available on the 2020 and newer LiveWire motorcycles. H-D Connect can only be applied to one VIN or bike, it cannot be applied to multiple VINs or bikes.

If you sell your H-D Connect compatible bike and have activated H-D Connect, log in to your profile on h-d.com and select to cancel the service.

Open the Harley-Davidson mobile app, and select your H-D Connect compatible bike. From the Bike Status page, scroll down to the Bike Security section and select (Report Bike as Stolen), you will then be asked to confirm stolen, and to confirm your identity by re-entering your username and password.

Upon reporting your bike as stolen in the mobile app, you are now able to view the location of your bike on a map, and be able to share the location of your bike with others by selecting (Share Location) from the Bike Security section of your mobile app. We advise you to use this functionality to share the location with your local law enforcement. We advise that you file a stolen police report with your local authorities.

Vehicle usage data will be collected in order to provide the H-D Connect service and personalize and improve H-D Connect and any other Harley-Davidson products and services, as further detailed in the Harley-Davidson Privacy Policy .

Confirm that you have signed up for H-D Connect by visiting your profile on H-D.com in the bike details page. Next, ensure that you have added your LiveWire to your profile and it is appearing in the mobile app (double check VIN matches).

If sign up was completed and bike has been added to your profile in the mobile app, check to ensure you completed the activation sequence by clicking "start activation" and executing the sequence on the bike. Is your app indicating that data will populate shortly after your next ride? Check in "My Bikes" section of H-D™ App and go for a ride if needed! Ensure your bike is in an area that has cellular service Ensure your phone has cellular service or WIFI

Still having issues seeing data? Call customer contact center.

North America (US and Canada) toll free: 866-895-4707

Outside North America: 414-343-4736

Updates for the H-D Connect Software on your bike are pushed directly from the cloud to your bike.

Once updates are ready to install, you will be prompted to initiate the install by performing a key sequence on your bike.

Updates and alerts of when the software updates are available and how to initiate the install will be sent to your H-D App.

The software update process on your vehicle will take approximately 4-7 minutes. During this time your bike will be immobilized.

Open your H-D mobile application, select your H-D Connect bike, then select Bike Settings. From the Bike Settings screen you can select Notification Settings and make adjustments to how we notify you about your bike.

Check that your VIN used during sign up matches the VIN on your bike.

Ensure you are in an area with cellular coverage.

Retry the activation sequence.

Still having issues seeing data? Call customer contact center.

North America (US and Canada) toll free: 866-895-4707

Outside North America: 414-343-4736

Support Resources

US & Canada
North America 

For questions about the H-D Connect service, you can call us at:  
866-895-4707 (Toll free in US & Canada)

Days and Times Supported:
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm CST

Outside North America

For questions about the H-D™ Connect service, you can call us at:  

414-343-4736 (Local charges may apply.)
Days and Times Supported:
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm CST
Languages supported by our customer care representatives: English, English (UK), English (Australia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (EU) , French, French (Canadian), German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese. (H-D uses a third party service to assist in interpretation services, and we will do our best to support calls in any language if able to do so using those services.)