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Motorcycle Helmet Fit and Sizing Guide

February 22, 2023

No matter how and where you ride, there’s no two ways about it: a motorcycle helmet is one of the most important and effective pieces of safety equipment available. While it’s also a style statement, riders should take their helmet investment seriously and find a helmet that not only looks great but fits properly.

Start your search with the help of our motorcycle helmet fit guide. Learn how to choose the right size helmet, how to measure for a motorcycle helmet, how a motorcycle helmet should fit and more with the info we’ve compiled here and you’ll be ready to make an informed investment in this all-important piece of headgear.



Although the most important aspect of wearing a helmet is protecting yourself on the road, it still needs to match your needs as a rider. Explore the types of motorcycle helmet style options below and narrow your search for the helmet that fits you best.

Half Helmets

If you’re looking for the least intrusive helmet option, a half helmet is the style for you. Men’s and women's half helmets make riders as free to the elements as possible and are easy to take on and off, making them ideal for short trips and casual cruising. Explore ultra-lightweight options for added comfort on longer treks and make it your own with style options like speaker pockets, removable neck curtains, and sun shields. 

Open-Face Helmets

If a half helmet doesn’t quite fit right, or you’d simply like more coverage on the back and sides of your head, a women’s or men's open face helmet may be what you’re after. With both open-face and shielded options available, these helmets give riders versatility as weather and conditions change over time. 

Full-Face Helmets

Luckily, warmth no longer requires weight. Thanks to innovations in materials, like carbon fiber and polycarbonate shells, opting for full-face coverage and protection doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a heavier helmet. If you’re in search of a women’s or men's full-face helmet, look for venting options to help you keep cool in warmer conditions and built-in Bluetooth® compatibility to help you stay in touch with other riders. (Not to mention entertained with your choice of high-quality audio.)

Modual Helmets

Sitting somewhere in between the 3/4 helmet’s flexibility and a full-face helmet’s maximum coverage, the modular helmet gives riders easy access to their face with a flip-up chin bar. The ability to open the face is particularly desirable for riders who need to make frequent stops and communicate with others without removing their helmet, as well as those who are often braving higher temperatures. Another benefit of modular helmets is the increased field of vision below you when mounting and dismounting your bike or riding in technical conditions. Modular helmets are available for both men and women.

How to Find the Right Motorcycle Helmet Fit

Once you’ve picked a type of helmet that suits your riding style and needs, it’s time to work on finding the right fit.

How to Measure for a Motorcycle Helmet

To take the proper measurement of your head and evaluate helmet manufacturers’ size charts, you’ll need a measuring tape. Place the tape about 1 inch above your eyebrows and ears and measure around the largest diameter of your head.  


Motorcycle Helmet Size Charts

With your measurements handy, refer to the motorcycle helmet's size chart to find the right size since not all manufacturers are the same, and each helmet will fit differently. 

Trying on a New Motorcycle Helmet

Even with a good idea of your helmet measurements and what might be your proper size, there’s still no substitute for actually trying a helmet on. Follow these steps to ensure a proper fit and that the motorcycle helmet size is right.

  1. Put on the helmet and tighten the chin strap until it's comfortably snug.

    If there’s space between your brow line and the inner lining – or you’re able to roll the helmet forward or off your head – try a smaller size.  If you experience any discomfort around your head, you may need a larger size.

  2. Move the helmet from side to side and front to back.

    Your skin and scalp should move as the helmet moves and the helmet should fit as tightly as you can wear comfortably.

  3. Wear the helmet for at least 15 minutes prior to purchase.

    If the helmet becomes uncomfortable, try another size, a different helmet or different shell style. Don’t forget to wear your eyewear or options like sun shield while wearing the helmet.

  4. Check your range of vision to the left, right, up and down.

    Once you’ve found a helmet that fits well, ensure no part of the helmet obstructs your field of vision to help ensure a safe, comfortable ride.


Our team of product experts have partnered with industry leading helmet manufacturers, who utilize the latest technology in developing cutting-edge helmets that help protect, increase comfort, and enhance the ride. 


What sets Harley-Davidson helmets apart from the rest?

Not only are we offering top of the line helmets, all H-D® Helmets feature unique and custom H-D® styling with use of key colors, graphics and hardware. All styles of H-D® helmets are available through our dealerships, making it easy to find the perfect helmet.

See something that catches your eye? Shop all Harley-Davidson® motorcycle helmets for men and women or find your local Harley-Davidson® dealer and try on the helmet of your choice today to ensure a perfect fit.

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