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Harley-Davidson's Best Motorcycle Gloves for 2023

May 03, 2023

Like the best of all motorcycle gear, a pair of good motorcycle gloves is about both form and function. Not only do they contribute to your overall style, but they also play a crucial role in protecting you as you ride.

Use this guide to the best motorcycle riding gloves to learn how gloves should fit and how you can find the right pair that suits your riding style. 

Why Are Motorcycle Gloves Important for Riding?

Whether your bike sports a tallboy or tracker bar, your hands will be expending effort and exposed to the elements wherever you ride. The right pair of motorcycle riding gloves can help keep your hands protected from hazards on the highway like rocks and debris, inclement weather, and more.

Thanks to breakthrough technology advances in glove materials and design, you won’t just get much-needed protection from things like dirt, debris, and abrasions. Motorcycle glove features like pre-curved fingers and power-stretch knuckles lend you a hand in fighting grip fatigue. Plus, breathable fabrics and efficient ventilation can resist gusty winds while keeping you comfortably cool. No matter if you’re looking to take a long tour or take your bike off-road, with the right combination of features and design, you’ll find motorcycle gloves that can support your hands over the long haul.

How Should Motorcycle Gloves Fit?

Beyond choosing the right style and features, you need to land on a pair riding gloves that offer a proper fit.

Like a protective motorcycle helmet, motorcycle gloves should fit snugly but without restricting your movement and without cutting off any circulation. Your fingers should not quite touch the ends of the gloves, but the glove’s fingers should not be too longer either. For a comfortable fit, they should fit smoothly over the hand without any bunching material.

You need to be able to comfortably operate your throttle and controls over long periods, and your gloves should support you doing so comfortably. So, with that in mind, it’s also recommended to actually test the gloves out on a bike before making a final decision.

Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Our Leather motorcycle gloves encompass a wide variety of styles and glove types, but they’re all made with durable leather and high-quality construction—meeting the same standards as our motorcycles. Browse our top leather motorcycle gloves to find your perfect fit. 

Best Touchscreen Gloves

Get to your phone easier and get back on the road sooner with the help of our best touchscreen gloves. Whether they’re all-leather or made from mixed materials, all of our men’s and women’s touchscreen gloves work with your devices, so you can keep your fingers warm and protected as you get in touch without exposing your fingers to the cold.

Best Textile Gloves

Stay cool, comfortable, and protected with adventure-ready textile and mesh gloves for women and men. Ultra-lightweight and innovative materials protect you from the elements while providing the sensitivity you demand.

Best Fingerless Gloves

Free your fingertips and feel the breeze in hot summertime temps with one of our best pairs of fingerless gloves. Choose from Americana styles and cool gloves that will complement any classic chopper look.

Best Gauntlet Gloves

Live up to their name and throw down the gauntlet in these rough and tumble full-coverage gloves. Choose from styles built to handle any extremes, including women’s and men’s gauntlet gloves with innovative technology to provide heat as well as withstand it.

Get a better handle on your motorcycle glove needs by finding your local Harley-Davidson® dealer and trying them out—in person and on your bike.

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