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Harley-Davidson's Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

June 21, 2023

With so many helmets to choose from, today’s riders have a lot of options to protect what matters most. High-performing and cool-looking full-face motorcycle helmets are among the most popular options available to do just that, but what drives riders to choose these lids over others? Learn more in this full coverage guide and explore some of the best full-face helmets available to find the right one for your riding needs.

Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Explore some of the best full-face helmets available from Harley-Davidson® below to learn even more about this helmet style and assess which option is the best for your riding style.

What is a Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet?

As the popularity of motorcycles grew in the second half of the twentieth century, and so too did safety standards. Introduced in an official motorcycle race for the first time in 1967, the full-face motorcycle helmet—otherwise known as a sports helmet—brought a new level of protection to riders by not only fully covering the back of the head but also adding a chin bar and face shield for maximum coverage. Today, the design’s protective abilities make it a popular choice among many riders whose habits stretch well beyond the racing scene.

In the meantime, the construction of the full-face helmet has greatly evolved in a number of respects. Riders choosing from available full-face options will find headgear made with state-of-the-art materials like carbon fiber, which offers incredible durability despite its lightweight comfort.

Adding to that comfort, the best full-face helmets now feature sophisticated ventilation, no-fog face shields, and more. Plus, even though some choose these for the smooth, quiet ride afforded by these helmets’ aerodynamic designs, they can also be outfitted with hi-def, Bluetooth® audio for added entertainment—or communicating with ease.

Why Should I Wear a Full-Face Helmet?

Whether you’re a competitive rider with a need for speed or a casual rider with café racer style, a full-face helmet can provide maximum protection for the head, face, and chin—and plenty more. Of course, the helmet’s complete coverage is, for some, its primary drawback. Some riders want to feel the wind in their face as they ride, and so opt for an open-face helmet or half helmet. Others may feel isolated or even a bit claustrophobic in a full-face model, or need to have more ready access to their face, and wind up choosing a modular helmet whose face shield can be opened with the press of a button.

Ultimately, though, the choice of a helmet comes down to personal preference. Each individual rider will choose their headgear based not only on their personal style but on their preferred balance between comfort and coverage. Once you have landed on your style of choice, picking a helmet—full-face or not—will come down to finding a helmet that fits properly.

Discover even more Harley-Davidson motorcycle helmets for men and women, or find your local Harley-Davidson® dealer to try helmets on in person and ensure a perfect fit.

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