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Harley-Davidson's Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

January 03, 2024 Comments Comment

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road. And whether you’re riding to work or setting off cross-country on the open road, the right motorcycle helmet can offer essential peace of mind and protection along the way.

Of course, helmets are much more than just a safety measure. They’re also a style statement. They need to suit not only the type of ride but the rider themselves. And that’s why not just any helmet will do.

To help you make an easy decision on your new headgear, we’ve compiled cool motorcycle helmets to meet any style, safety, and comfort needs. Explore cool biker helmets across a range of categories below and find the right one for your next ride.

Learn more about how motorcycle helmets should fit by reading our Motorcycle Helmet Fit & Sizing Guide today.

Cool Half Motorcycle Helmets

With a variety of half helmets that are just as easy on the eyes as they are to get on and off during quick stops, these cool-looking motorcycle helmets are perfect for casual trips about town—or for those riders looking some feel the wind in their face.

Half helmets are one of the least intrusive styles of helmet, and often feature a minimalist look and lightweight feel. Minimalism doesn’t mean fewer options, though: a range of features gives riders the ability to customize their headgear to suit their comfort and needs. Beyond your choice of finish, look for eye-protection options like retractable sun shields and removable visors. Plus, you can find ways to dress right in any weather, with features like moisture-wicking SilverCool™ interiors and optional neck curtains that add warmth.

Cool Open Face Helmets

Step things up from the half helmet, without going full-face, by choosing one of these effortlessly cool open-face helmets. Choose between 5/8 helmets and a 3/4 helmet to find your desired degree of coverage. 

5/8 helmets provide increased coverage compared to half helmets, while still offering lightweight comfort and easy on-off convenience for shorter rides. Open-face helmets deliver full coverage for the back of the head and neck but give riders—and the cool breeze—access to their face during rides. Of course, riders that go the open-face route still have some flexibility when it comes to the front of their helmet. You can take your pick of full-face visors, retractable sun shields, and removable half-face visors to view the road in front of you, however you see fit.

Cool Full-Face Helmets

No matter where you choose to roam on your rides, a full-face motorcycle helmet offers the protection you need to enjoy the freedom of the road without fear. These cool full-face helmet options below provide secure coverage for your face and neck, as well as chin protection that’s crafted to meet the needs of every type of rider.

Our variety of cool full-face motorcycle helmets are also the best option for keeping warm when the temperature ticks down. Whether you’re a regular winter commuter or occasional adventure rider, a full-face helmet delivers the maximum protection from the elements. That way, there’s nothing to worry about: it’ll just be you and the open road.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth

These days, riders have the option to hear much more than the hum of their engine—even when they have a full-face helmet on. These cool motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth™ offer all the hands-free and high-quality audio options we’ve become accustomed to in our digital age: from hand-picked playlists and easy navigation to convenient calling and multi-rider intercom capabilities.

Find helmets in the style of your choice that are designed to comfortably accommodate compatible Bluetooth headsets. Or opt for a state-of-the-art full-face helmet that matches fully integrated speakers, microphones, and 4.1 Bluetooth capabilities with advanced noise control and wind noise reduction. With the coolest Bluetooth helmets around, you can be sure your next tour comes paired with the perfect soundtrack.

Cool Harley-branded Helmets

The Bar and Shield. The #1. Eagles, skulls, tank badges. There’s more than one way to wear Harley—but they all stand for the same thing and command the same respect. Our assortment of cool Harley helmets with our logos and branding allow you to wear your free spirit on your sleeve and connect with other adventure-seekers when you don these iconic symbols.

See something that catches your eye? Shop all Harley-Davidson® motorcycle helmets for men and women or find your local Harley-Davidson® dealer and try on the cool motorcycle helmet of your choice today to ensure a perfect fit.

Learn more about how motorcycle helmets should fit by reading our Motorcycle Helmet Fit & Sizing Guide today.

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