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Best Cruiser Motorcycles from Harley-Davidson

May 03, 2024 Comments Comment

A Cruiser motorcycle makes a statement through style. A cruiser is an expression of its rider’s personality. It may be bold and in your face. It may be nostalgic. It may speak to lean performance. Whatever your riding personality, a Harley cruiser can help you make the ultimate personal statement. The Harley-Davidson Cruiser lineup is one of the most diverse lineups around, with a model designed to speak to and inspire almost any rider.

We highlight some of the best cruiser motorcycles from Harley-Davidson to complement your unique riding style. 

The Best Cruiser Motorcycles from Harley-Davidson® 

Best Cruiser Motorcycle for Beginners from Harley-Davidson

Its light weight makes the Street Bob® motorcycle easy to handle and accessible for beginner motorcycle riders ready to step up to a Big Twin Cruiser model. This lean cruiser offers a nimble ride with power to spare and projects no-nonsense attitude from the standard mini ape handlebar to the chopped rear fender. Ready to create your own two-wheel style? The Street Bob model is the ideal blank canvas for customization. Check out some more best beginner cruiser motorcycles.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle for Women from Harley-Davidson

This quintessential American cruiser is a best-seller to female riders. The saddlebags and windshield – which are each detachable – make this a cruiser you can tour aboard if the highway calls. The style is pure nostalgia, with a profile inspired by Harley-Davidson models from the 1950s that never goes out of style.

A low 25.8-inch seat height, mid foot controls and easy-to-adjust mini ape handlebar help make the Street Bob a good cruiser motorcycle for women. It's also one of the lightest Harley-Davidson Cruiser models, which makes it easier to lift off the side stand and a breeze to control in low-speed maneuvers like parking lots and even when pushing around in the garage. There’s plenty of power in this bike for highway cruising, too.

Best Used Cruiser Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson

A pre-owned Harley-Davidson Cruiser motorcycle can be a great way to start riding. Buying a pre-owned Harley-Davidson Cruiser through the H-D1 Marketplace or the Harley-Davidson Certified™ program can lower your initial purchase price and leave more in your budget for customization, if that is your goal. Both pre-owned programs may also feature Cruiser models no longer offered in the Harley-Davidson new-model lineup, including those on the Dyna platform, or bikes already equipped with popular accessories.

Found the perfect cruiser for your riding style?

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect cruiser for you, you’ve got to get the right cruiser riding gear to match. Express your personal style with essential riding gear designed to match your Cruiser motorcycle.

To see the wide selection of new and pre-owned Harley-Davidson Cruiser motorcycles and riding gear, visit your local authorized Harley-Davidson dealer, where you can reserve a motorcycle and more. 

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