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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now


Pre-Owned Bikes

Your destination for pre-owned and H-D Certified motorcycles.

Used Cruiser Motorcycles for Sale

Used Cruiser Motorcycles for Sale

Used Cruiser motorcycles make the ideal ride because they are in great shape and cost less than a full-priced, brand-new model. The basic construction and features on most Cruisers are the same, but the details are what separates one cruiser bike from the next. The Harley-Davidson Marketplace is the online place to find the perfect used bike.

Used Cruiser Motorcycles for Sale Nearby

One feature of the HD Marketplace is the ability to search for used cruiser motorcycles for sale nearby. Doing so removes the headache of trying to find local dealers with H-D bike inventory for sale. Search for a used Softail Standard or used Low Riders by narrowing the search parameters. Buyers and sellers not only have access to a massive inventory but also to a variety of buying and selling options for used Cruisers.

Cruiser Motorcycles for Sale, Used Gently

Cruiser motorcycles for sale used gently means that they have low mileage on them.  The mileage on them varies, but buyers can request more information on a listing prior to checking out the motorcycle in person.