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Women's Motorcycle Half Helmets

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Women's Motorcycle Half Helmets for Everyday Riding

Spending time on a motorcycle requires having the right helmet to use while cruising at high speeds and enjoying the thrills that come with getting use out of a Harley-Davidson. Our women's half motorcycle helmets are designed to accommodate women who spend a lot of time on choppers and are in search of a piece of gear that proves to be timeless. Many of our women's motorcycle half helmets have a vintage design and are constructed to have maximum strength for riders who want less coverage than what our women's full face helmets offer. The size and design of the helmets deliver similar coverage to our women's open face helmets for added appeal. These helmets appeal to women who are new to spending time on bikes as well as women who are seasoned riders.

Women's Half Helmets With Understated Looks

The understated look of our women's half helmets contributes to their appeal due to their clean shapes and minimal branding. The lack of graphics and details makes them pair well with all types of motorcycle clothing and gear when riders are in the mood to rock a motorcycle jacket or leather chaps. Our inventory also includes Bluetooth helmets for women that include advanced technology to make it easy to continue using a smartphone device while spending time on a motorcycle. The technology allows riders to make phone calls and even listen to tunes for a more enjoyable ride.

Cool and Comfortable Half Helmets for Women

Our women's half motorcycle helmets have inner linings that have moisture-wicking properties to keep the sweat out of riders' eyes while riding in hot and humid conditions. The antimicrobial properties of the material are also made to prevent germs and bacteria from accumulating in the helmet, which can prevent odors from developing. The shape of our helmets is manufactured to deliver a high level of comfort to riders for added value and appeal. This makes it a great product to own for riders who don't want to feel restricted with more coverage on their head and face. Additionally, each helmet is available in multiple sizes.

Shop our online store to discover the different women's motorcycle half helmets we carry and find the right product to wear. We have a variety of options that include different features and details to ensure riders can be highly selective.