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Men's Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Men's Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Open face motorcycle helmets, also known as 3/4 helmets, offer both protection and comfort. Harley-Davidson offers DOT-approved helmets to fit your riding style as well as your budget.

Benefits of Men's 3/4 Helmets

Men's open-face helmets are generally lighter than full-face helmets and do not add as much stress to the rider over time due to the weight of the helmet. For a good fit and comfort, the majority of our open-face helmets have a fixed inner liner, with material that is thick, plush, and comfortable. Additionally, an open-face helmet allows the rider to access their face easily when needed. 

Sun Protection for Men's Open-Face Helmets

Some men's 3/4 helmets come equipped with a face shield or partial visor plus snaps for shields and visors.  Additionally, Harley-Davidson offers a line of motorcycle glasses or motorcycle goggles for open road traveling. Check out our selection and purchase your own pair of motorcycle sunglasses for your ride.