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Men's Open Face Motorcycle Helmets


H-D Men's Open Face Helmets

Harley-Davidson stocks several varieties of men's open face motorcycle helmets. Our available inventory items range from 5/8 motorcycle helmets to 3/4 motorcycle helmet sizes. In addition to partial helmet options, our inventory contains men's full face helmets. Generally, a 3/4 helmet will be equipped with a face shield, which blocks sunlight. These prevent excessive light from interfering with the rider's field of vision. H-D sunglasses may be compatible with partial helmet design options if desired.

Our open face helmets add to riders' style without enclosing their faces. That way, when they're on the open road, they can feel the wind blowing through the helmet's grate. In many cases, the helmets are made using half-shell designs featuring removable components. An open face helmet with a visor lets the breeze in while blocking the sun. Some visors utilize lightweight fiberglass, lowering the item's overall weight. Anti-scratch retractable sun shields allow for easy adjustments to visor positioning.

H-D 3/4 motorcycle helmets are generally lighter than full-sized options. Thanks to reduced helmet weight, neck muscles strain less during long road trips. Harley-Davidson also stocks numerous 5/8 motorcycle helmets and men's half helmets. Many open face helmet designs incorporate fixed inner linings, which use a thick material. There's no problem if a biker needs to access their face while riding. Helmet locks may be attached to the helmet's straps after a ride is over, securing it to the bike.

Harley-Davidson Open Face Helmets

Riding with men's open face motorcycle helmets feels great when the weather is nice. Harley-Davidson has a massive selection of suitable options, including an open face helmet with visor. These minimize weight by using partial shells.

Our open face designs include several 3/4 motorcycle helmets. These allow easy access to the face and may be combined with one of our helmet headsets. With a headset installed, communication while riding is simple and effective. Harley-Davidson's helmet collection includes multiple styles, sizes, and colors.