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Men's Half Helmets

Half Helmets for Men

One of the most important types of motorcycle gear to wear while spending time on the open road is a helmet. Harley-Davidson men's half helmets are constructed to offer the protection riders need in different types of settings and can contribute to any type of motorcycle look. Every motorcycle half-helmet in our inventory is easy to slip on and off, making it more convenient to make stops while taking different routes.

Wearing a motorcycle half helmet not only offers peace of mind but also looks cool and pairs well with performance apparel. Every half-shell helmet in our inventory has a unique look with a contemporary or classic style. This makes it easy for the details and Harley-Davidson logos on a riders apparel and helmet to match many motorcycle models.

A High Level of Comfort

Every half-shell motorcycle helmet in our inventory meets high standards to ensure the product delivers comfort and stays in place while a biker is riding a motorcycle at high speed. The products feature thick and secure straps that are easy to adjust for the perfect fit. Riders don't have to worry about their half-face helmets falling forward or backward due to the fit and shape. Each half-face motorcycle helmet in our inventory is solid and designed to hold up well to frequent use, similar to the H-D full-face helmets we carry. The quality materials we use keep the items from becoming scratched or scuffed easily while spending time outdoors. Wearing a half-face helmet also shields the rider from the elements when driving in harsh weather conditions without worrying that the helmet will suffer from damage in high winds or heavy rain.

Different Designs and Details

It's easy to find a half-shell helmet that has a unique look that embraces the Harley-Davidson style and Americana theme. The products pair well with our Harley-Davidson accessories, whether wearing a vest extender or a ratchet belt. Helmet accessories also work well with the items and extend their functionality.

Shop our inventory for a half-face motorcycle helmet that is ideal for wearing in any type of setting or climate. Our products feature authentic logos and designs to match other types of apparel or gear while riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.