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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.

Men's Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Heads Up!

April is Check Your Helmet Month

Are you wondering when to replace your motorcycle helmet?  With proper care, a motorcycle helmet's lifespan is 3-5 years - but there are other factors to consider.  Over time, your helmet's foam layer hardens and loses its ability to absorb shock, and any dents on the shell or fraying of the straps means it's time to replace your motorcycle helmet. 

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Harley-Davidson Modular Motorcycle Helmets

The unique design of our men's modular motorcycle helmet options ensures a comfortable fit. These full-face helmets hug the head securely and do not jostle around while riding. Since there is an open hinge attaching parts together, the helmet can convert between full- and open-face modes. When riders wish to open them up, they can simply tug on them. Further, these helmets have become quite popular on account of their convenience. These streamlined options offer enhanced comfort, versatility, and functionality.

Harley-Davidson maintains an extensive selection of modular motorcycle helmet designs which allow conversations, thanks to their flip-up design. In addition to modular, our inventory contains numerous half helmets. Because they only cover half of the head, they're not as restrictive. Therefore, they can be suitable when traveling with other people, as it will be easier to speak with each other.

Harley-Davidson has multiple men's modular motorcycle helmet options for interested riders. Our designers built them with outstanding features, including washable liners, adjustable air vents, and sun visors. Further, the interiors are usually roomy, enhancing user comfort when wearing them. Add a motorcycle helmet lock to the cart and use it to attach the helmet to the bike after stopping. These items also feature lightweight materials, so they're not too heavy when using them. Connect a portable headset to the helmet's interior, and phone calls will be easy to take whenever it is on.

H-D Men's Modular Motorcycle Helmet

H-D modular helmet options include full- and half-face styles. Many items incorporate specific stylistic elements, such as branded logos. In many cases, one of our helmet headsets is a suitable addition, enhancing functionality. With a headset installed, the chin bar doesn’t even have to be moved to answer the phone.

H-D modular motorcycle helmets can implement our headsets without excessive difficulty. Since they're compatible with Apple CarPlay, iPhone users may enjoy utilizing them. Furthermore, there are noise-cancellation features that filter external noise. Consequently, distractions are less noticeable when riding, so the rider's attention stays on what is up ahead. Likewise, the convertible design allows simple customization when the moment is right.


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