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Harley-Davidson's Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

April 05, 2023

Finding a motorcycle helmet with the proper fit is essential for every rider. But with such a wide variety of headgear to choose from, it’s not always easy to know where to start your search for the right helmet.

In recent years, modular motorcycle helmets have become an increasingly popular option for riders across different riding styles. Find out what’s behind their rise, and see if they might be right for you, in this guide to the best modular motorcycle helmets.

What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

A modular motorcycle helmet offers the coverage of a full-face helmet and the freedom of an open-face helmet all in one convenient, comfortable package. Thanks to a hinged chin bar, with the simple push of a button, riders can quickly and easily flip up their face shield. Whether you want easy face access to get some fresh air and cool off on a hot day, take a drink of water or talk with companions at a traffic light, or if you want the convenience of seeing better when filling up at the gas station, men’s and women’s modular helmets deliver excellent versatility for all kinds of riders.

The sheer practicality of the best modular motorcycle helmets has driven an increase in popularity in recent years. And those in the market for a modular motorcycle helmet option will be glad to know that these helmets come outfitted with their choice of the latest in tech and engineering. Built-in or optional Bluetooth® helmet headsets make it easy to stay connected with your fellow riders out on the road, hands-free. Advanced ventilation options help to keep things cool while on the road. And lightweight construction with composite materials can reduce rider fatigue while still exceeding DOT and ECE requirements.

Of course, beyond this selection of features and functionality, modular helmets also offer a diversity of styles. Choose from café-racer cool, classic chopper looks, and adventure touring-ready designs, and find exactly the look that suits the way you like to enjoy the open road.

Why Should I Wear a Modular Helmet?

If you’re choosing between full- and open-face helmet options, a modular helmet can provide a great compromise. Especially if you ride regularly in warm weather, the ability to pop open your helmet even briefly during a stop can make a big difference in how comfortable you’ll be over the course of a ride. It can also provide some relief to those who may feel a bit claustrophobic in a full-face helmet.

Riders may also enjoy using a modular helmet if they:

  • Make frequent stops or often need to communicate face-to-face while off their bikes, such as during delivery or motorcycle instruction
  • Prefer to wear motorcycle glasses beneath their helmet
  • Desire a helmet with built-in tinted visors, which are less common in full-face helmets

Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Thinking modular headgear might be the right fit for your riding style? Explore some of our best modular motorcycle helmets to find a design that catches your eye and fits the way you ride.

Discover even more Harley-Davidson motorcycle helmets for men and women, or find your local Harley-Davidson® dealer to try helmets on in person and ensure a perfect fit.

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