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Men's Motorcycle Headsets

Helmet Headsets 

Stay connected to your bike and other riders with a Harley-Davidson Bluetooth headset. Motorcycle helmet headsets provide another level of riding. Harley-Davidson’s line of headsets is highly engineered for optimal performance and to fit with your helmet.

When you pair the wireless headset with your bike, you gain access to your favorite music in full stereo. Integrate the headset with Harley-Davidson’s Boom! and you can use hand controls to move through your music, phone, GPS and communications. You also have the option of using voice commands to select your modes and control your audio. You get safe, easy and enjoyable rides. If you have Apple CarPlay, use your Harley wireless headset seamlessly with that. With four models to choose from, you can easily choose the headset that fits your needs.

Expect high quality with a Harley-Davidson Bluetooth headset. All models come with some form of microphone. This includes Harley-Davidson Bluetooth wireless earbuds and full face helmet headsets. The line offers you ways to enhance your ride while being safe on the road, and you can choose the mode that's right for the situation. The ambient mode lets you hear surrounding road noises. You can also choose the noise-cancellation mode that reduces ambient noise for incoming and outgoing audio. Hear what you need to hear as you ride on the open and heavier roads.

The Harley-Davidson Bluetooth headset charging time is fast. You get between 10 and 13 hours of usage time based on the model. This generous time lets you stay connected on those longer rides. Models come with a 10-station preset memory for integrated FM radio. Once you experience a ride with a Harley wireless headset, you won't want to ride without one. Be sure to check out some of our other available helmet accessories too.