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Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Helmet Locks 

A motorcycle helmet lock is an ideal way to secure your helmet after you've finished riding. Carrying your helmet everywhere you go after you park your bike can be pretty annoying. You need a secure and safe place to leave your helmet when you have other things to do. The best way to do this is through our helmet locks. They permit you to attach your helmet to your bike without worrying about someone stealing it.

Harley-Davidson helmet padlocks for motorcycles are lightweight and slim, designed precisely for helmets. Since good helmets are expensive, purchasing a helmet lock is the best way to protect your investment. Our helmet locks are also affordable, which makes them a solid investment for any rider who wants peace of mind.

At Harley-Davidson, we have different lock types, such as corded, bolt, license plate, and handlebar locks. A corded lock comes with a cord encased to rubber with an access key or a combination. What makes this lock ideal is its versatility, especially if you have a lock with a long cord.

Bolt locks require a key for operation and have a cylindrical design. They are versatile locks that you attach permanently to parts of your bike, such as the frame tube or engine guard. However, if you want a permanent lock but still want to maintain your ride's look, a license plate lock is your go-to option. Our license plate locks have a unique design that makes them invisible to casual observers.

A handlebar lock is a highly visible lock designed to secure your helmet while giving your bike an attractive look. These locks come with robust construction and feature heavy-duty, durable metal. With our top-quality locks, you can keep your helmet protected and enjoy some extra security for your motorcycle. They are perfect for both men's and women's helmets.