2020 H-D Street Motorcycle parked on a race track



Built to shred city streets, the Harley-Davidson Street™ models are sleek and nimble with an authentic urban attitude.

Bust out of gridlock and set your soul free

Men riding a 2020 H-D Street Motorcycle
Exhaust on a 2020 H-D Street Motorcycle
Man riding a 2020 Street H-D motorcycle

Conquer the Urban Grid

The blacked-out, liquid-cooled Revolution-X V-Twin engine is built to shred the hot and heavy traffic of urban streets. Hit the throttle and get through any hole that opens up in front of you.
Shocks on a 2020 Street motorcycle
Man riding a 2020 H-D Street motorcycle

Devour the Asphalt

You get the confidence and quick handling of a nimble chassis, dialled-in suspension and ABS brakes so you can take on whatever the streets throw your way.
202 H-D Street Motorcycle parked in an open Field
Men racing on H-D Street motorcycles

A Legacy of Racing Supremacy

For more than 100 years, Harley-Davidson has been synonymous with excellence in motorcycle racing. This racing bloodline runs strong in the H-D Street Models.

Built for carving urban canyons. The fun starts when the light turns green.

Man on a 2020 Street H-D motorcycle standing at traffic lights

Start a one-machine revolution

You can customize any Harley-Davidson Street® model to make it completely yours. Here’s how others have expressed themselves.

Exhaust on a 2020 H-D Street motorcycle
Aircleaner on a 2020 H-D Street motorcycle
2020 Street Harley-Davidson motorcycle parked in front of building
street 750
street 750 engine
street 750

*Shown with H-D Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories. Local regulations may prohibit using colored or indirect lighting during vehicle operation on public streets and may regulate handlebar height. Check local laws to ensure your motorcycle meets applicable regulations before installation.