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  Motorcycle Foot Controls

Comfortable Motorcycle Foot Controls

At Harley-Davidson, we have a large variety of different types of motorcycle foot controls that are designed to be reliable and comfortable. Foot controls can contribute to the smooth operation of each bike and allow the rider to have more control while performing maneuvers. From individual foot pedals for a motorcycle to brake levers, it's easy to find any type of foot control in our extensive inventory.

Motorcycle foot pegs and pedals are designed to fit perfectly once they're installed, whether riders invest in a motorcycle foot peg or a shifter peg. They fit on our variety of Harley-Davidson models to ensure they operate well and don't cause premature wear and tear on the surrounding parts of the bike.

Foot Controls for All Types of Models

We have all types of products for optimal performance of motorcycles, from shifter pegs, single motorcycle pedals, footboards, or even brakes and suspension parts. Our motorcycle foot controls fit all types of Harley-Davidson models to accommodate different types of bikes. They can enhance the overall value and versatility of each bike, allowing consumers to enjoy plenty of joy rides.

The specific hardware used meets all of the same standards as the parts that are used to construct Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This allows each motorcycle to have more value and can avoid potential issues that can occur on the road after a motorcycle pedal or shifter peg is installed.

Trendy and Edgy Accessories

Not only are our foot controls made to last, but they're also stylish. Whether you're looking for a motorcycle foot pedal or a foot board, all of our products have a thoughtful design to ensure they stand out. There are a variety of styles to choose from, whether riders own a classic bike or a modern motorcycle. Find matching cutstom accessories and handlebars and grips to complement different Harley-Davidson models and blend in well with the surrounding parts of the bike.