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Motorcycle Kickstands

Jiffy Stands

When looking for a motorcycle kickstand to upgrade your bike's foot pegs, Harley owners should browse our supply of jiffy stands. A motorcycle uses a jiffy stand, also known as a side stand, to prop itself up without leaning against a pole or building. Jiffy stands are often mistaken for a simple kickstand because both hold your bike up, but jiffy stands provide better support.

A Harley-Davidson kickstand upgrade kit features jiffy stands in chrome and black to suit the bike’s personality. Our jiffy kickstand extensions are simple to deploy and retract, making them perfect for when a rider needs to stop while on a journey. We also have Harley-Davidson jiffy motorcycle kickstand extensions for riders who need a few extra inches for a comfortable experience. The ergonomically designed extension kits make it simple to deploy and retract the stand. Given the shape of the extension, it's easy to locate the tab and swing the stand into position. Kits include all the necessary mounting hardware.

A jiffy motorcycle side stand uses the motorcycle's weight to move the fulcrum into a fully locked position. This secure lock ensures that the motorcycle will only move when the bike's weight is off the jiffy stand, such as when you lean to the side to kick up the stand before riding. It will also allow the bike to stand on its own for longer periods compared to a regular kickstand, which keeps the motorcycle up only if the angle is right.

While some motorcycle kickstands have components to keep them open, they do not lock into place. The kickstand can easily become dislodged and drop the motorcycle when pushing a bike forward. A jiffy stand extension can hold the motorcycle's weight and its riders. Browse Harley-Davison’s selection of parts to discover other innovative products like our footboard covers.