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Motorcycle Shift Levers

Easy-to-Use Motorcycle Shift Levers

Our inventory is stocked with a variety of different shift levers to enhance the quality and operation of different types of Harley-Davidson models. Toe and heel shift levers easily attach to transmissions to ensure riders can effortlessly select their desired gear while spending time on the bikes.

Our floorboard shifter levers are designed to last long-term and make it easier to operate the bike. They meet the same standards as Harley-Davidson motorcycles and can boost the value of the bike due to their solid construction. All of our motorcycle shift levers are designed to fit perfectly to ensure they stay in place and don't grind or cause wear and tear to the surrounding parts on the motorcycle. Whether looking to build a new motorcycle or restore an old model, the shift lever is a key component needed to allow the bike to operate reliably.

Stylish and Edgy Shift Levers

Most riders want to feel cool and confident while riding on a motorcycle, which is why we have a variety of motorcycle shift levers available in both edgy and classic styles. Our stylish accessories are designed to enhance the appearance of the bike. The motorcycle shift levers have a variety of different finishes to complement different body styles and also stand out. These motorcycle shift levers and motorcycle footpegs complement different styles of bikes, whether it’s a new or classic motorcycle. The accessories will continue to look eye-catching and attractive in the coming years due to their minimal design and construction.

Made to Fit

Harley-Davidson shifter levers are designed to fit seamlessly to ensure they stay in place and don't start to come loose as the motorcycle is in motion. This also makes the installation process straightforward and easy without any concerns.The motorcycle shift lever and foot controls can boost the overall value of the motorcycle and potentially make it easier to operate. The controls feel comfortable to use and can allow the rider to remain in a natural position while operating the bike and performing different types of maneuvers.