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Motorcycle Footpegs

Footpeg Options for Motorcycles

Motorcycle pegs offer comfort, style, and convenience. They are just one option in the range of parts and accessories we offer to customize bikes. Motorcycle pegs can be purchased for both riders and for passengers. They provide a place for riders and passengers to place their feet and can be outfitted with footpeg trim pieces to add additional style.

Different Styles of Motorcycle Foot Pegs

We offer a variety of foot pegs, so riders can find the design and style that best suits them and their bikes. They can show off their favorite brand with bold logos, or opt for sleek black options that finish a blacked-out look. The motorcycle pegs may be wedge-shaped, rod-shaped, cylindrical, rectangular, or another sleek shape. Some riders may look for a thin, minimalist design, while others may prioritize a large foot surface for optimal highway peg comfort during long rides. We also have foot pegs for motorcycles in a range of colors. Glossy black, antique bronze, reflective chrome – there are options to complement a range of bike styles.

Riders can also purchase footpeg trim pieces for compatible footpegs to change up the color. Installation is quick and can take just minutes.

Motorcycle Foot Peg Features

Harley-Davidson offers quality products with some of the latest features, and our footpegs are no exception. Our footpegs have features like raised ribs, raised knobs, and textured surfaces to offer traction and grip. Some also have mushroom ends or end caps to help hold the foot in place. Rider footpegs and passenger footpegs are constructed with durable materials like aluminum, brass, chrome, and rubber to ensure long-lasting use. Some options are even factory-treated with wax to put off aging as the pegs are exposed to the elements.

Depending on the bike, some footpegs are designed to hold the foot in the optimal position. Riders should compare all of our options to find the features that best speaks to them. For those looking for a bit more stability and grip, motorcycle footboards might be a great alternative. We also have an array of brake levers, shifter legs, and other motorcycle foot controls for additional customization.