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Motorcycle Brake Levers

Motorcycle Brake Levers

One way to enhance a Harley-Davidson motorcycle's appearance is by equipping it with brand-new bike brake levers. While they are essential parts for a smooth ride, motorcycle brake levers can also be stylish cosmetic pieces. At Harley-Davidson, we offer riders various lever options that provide numerous benefits.

Like motorcycle helmets and goggles, brake and clutch levers for motorcycles are essential components for your ride. They will help to engage the clutch when starting out or shifting gears and apply brakes when coming to a stop along the way.

Since Harley-Davidson has various motorcycle levers, everyone is sure to find the right fit for a particular bike year and model. For example, if it's an older machine, we have adjustable motorcycle brakes and clutch levers that can easily suit it. These devices come with a knob and setscrew that make adjustments easy. Once the rider knows the motorcycle clutch lever location, the brake and clutch levers should be easy to install. And although different bikes come with different hardware, brake cables, grips, and handlebars, a rider can customize the motorcycle brake lever assembly to fit any H-D bike.

Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of motorcycle brake lever kits to suit the rider’s personality. Our levers come in different designs, shapes, and sizes to enhance comfort when riding. Most of our products come with a robust buildup to provide an additional advantage for the rider. Since we prioritize providing riders with high-quality and durable products, we use aluminum, durable stainless steel and other high-quality products that are rust and corrosion-free and will not allow bending.

When it comes to controlling a bike, Harley-Davidson has what a motorcycle rider needs, from brake pedal pads of various sizes, shapes, and textures to foot controls. It’s easy to search for these by year, model, and rating. Ride confidently and stylishly by upgrading a motorcycle with H-D products.