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Glove Liners

The main purpose of heated motorcycle glove liners is to protect riders from cold temperatures. However, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you know the value of keeping your paws warm. Not all bikes come with heated grips. Therefore, if you want to keep your hands warm and enjoy the ride, you must invest in an ideal pair of heated bike gloves. They will not only keep your hands warm but also protect your paws in case of an accident. Heated motorcycle gloves feature interior wiring that delivers heat throughout the internal chassis. This enables your hands to collect an endless flow of heat quarantined from the outside through the exterior gloves chassis. The outer part of the gloves' shell and outer chassis plays a significant role in retaining the interior's heat emanated. Hence, our outer chassis comes with a leather and synthetic fiber construction that serves as windbreakers and thermal barriers.

And since leather is an ideal abrasion-protective material, we use it to construct our gloves to protect the rider's hand outside and in. However, leather is not a perfect performer in snow and heavy rain, and for this reason, we incorporate synthetic fibers and waterproofing coating to protect the leather from waterlogging. Thermal glove liners feature a thin material that fits comfortably under the user's motorcycle glove. And if the two layers are uncomfortable, you can choose to wear the glove liners and enjoy top-notch warmth. Most of our heated motorcycle gloves feature a top-quality leather palm reinforced with additional fabric overlays in the direct impact zone. Others come with premium stout padding and rigid armor that tops the knuckles to offer maximum protection. What makes our gloves ideal is their versatile nature that makes them ideal for skiing, hiking, and snowmobiling.