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Gauntlet Gloves

Men's Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet gloves are an essential part of any motorcyclist's wardrobe. If you've ever gone riding without wearing gloves, it's a mistake that you probably won't make again. Without gloves, your hands can go numb from the constant vibration. They can also become sore and have trouble gripping the handlebars--which is a major safety issue when you're cruising down the highway at 70 miles per hour. Plus, the weather might expose your hands to harsh winds, freezing temperatures, and UV rays.

Protect your hands and enjoy a safer ride with our Harley-Davidson vintage gauntlet gloves. These leather motorcycle gloves absorb vibration so your hands won't feel numb and tingly when you get off your bike. They'll also improve your grip, protect your hands from exposure and make you more comfortable when you're driving in extreme temperatures. Plus, they have that classic Harley-Davidson look that lets everyone know that riding isn't just a hobby--it's a way of life. You'll feel like a vintage motorcycle rider from the 1970s when you strap on a pair of full leather gauntlet gloves. They go great with our line of riding jeans and biker wallets.

Our biker gauntlets are made from high-quality black leather that won't crack, peel or bleach in the sunlight. Most gloves come with perforated vents that keep your hands cool in the summertime. In the winter, these gloves will keep your hands warm so you can avoid issues like frostbite. Select gloves come with additional features like insulation, waterproof materials, adjustable cuffs, and more. Stick with a set of classic black gloves, or choose something more sporty like our orange-striped gauntlets.

These gloves come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to 3XL. If your current gloves aren't providing enough protection, invest in a set of Harley-Davidson gauntlet gloves to upgrade your riding experience. You'll find yourself wondering why you settled for anything less.