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Men's Motorcycle Asphalt Series

Men's Asphalt Series Eyewear

When it comes to riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle around town or on a highway, men's Asphalt Series sunglasses are an absolute must. This is because safety should always be a rider's number one concern while on the road. Harley-Davidson Asphalt sunglasses offer protection against the harsh irritation that wind and other natural elements can cause on your eyes. Moreover, this Harley-Davidson accessory allows you to ride through some of the harshest weather without having to stop. For example, if you're suddenly overcome by fog or low-lighting conditions, our men's sunglasses help with visibility so that you can ride your bike safely.

Most riders understand that, sometimes, you have to adapt to changing and challenging situations on the road. For example, if your face shield on your helmet is suddenly misplaced or broken during a ride, substituting that protection with a pair of protective glasses is a great alternative until you have time to fix your visor. Having these sunglasses at the ready allows you to overcome issues that may often end a trip.

When it comes to style, Harley-Davidson understands that both male and female riders want to sport the latest styles. That's why careful consideration has been taken on each and every pair of sunglasses in this collection to ensure that they look amazing. Each pair of glasses comes with a sleek design that complements most faces. In addition, the lens colors chosen for each pair of glasses are made to not only absorb reflections and limit glare but also to make you look great. We're sure you'll be happy with our color options.

If you're looking to upgrade your style as well as your protection, the Harley-Davidson Asphalt series sunglasses may be your best bet.