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Harley-Davidson's Best Motorcycle Accessories for Your Ride

May 10, 2023

You love your bike. It can take you virtually anywhere you want to go. The best part? It can only get better.

Thanks to the best motorcycle accessories you have at your disposal, you can ride your bike faster, further and louder and do so in custom style. From hi-def audio systems to soundtrack your travels and stage upgrades that soup up performance, to parts, instruments, and details that achieve an entirely unique look, the best motorcycle accessories are about getting the very best experience out of your bike—and making that bike even more distinctly yours.

Browse this guide to some of our coolest motorcycle accessories and explore all the ways you can push the envelope and take your Harley-Davidson experience soaring to new heights.

Faster: Top Motorcycle Accessories for Performance

There’s nothing quite like that sound—that roar of the engine as it opens up and the speedometer ticks higher.

All the better when that thrilling performance is the product of your own hard work. That’s exactly the capability that Screamin’ Eagle® Performance Stage Kits unlock. Skip the trial and error that’s usually part and parcel of modifying a bike engine and see exactly how your upgrades affect your performance when they’re broken up into stages that include everything from intake and exhaust enhancements to a new-and-improved big-bore throttle body.

Best Screamin’ Eagle Accessories

Best Motorcycle Instruments and Gauges

Combine these motorcycle accessories with durable, reliable instruments and gauges that help you monitor and further optimize performance and you won’t just be well on your way—you’ll already be there, right where you want to be.

Further: Best Motorcycle Accessories for Comfort and Distance

For many, it’s not about how fast you get there. Instead, it’s just about enjoying every second of the ride along the way. Luckily for them, there’s no shortage of ways to heighten the luxury of that lengthy journey.

Why not start with the controls that get you there? Explore accessories that include everything from added cruise control and your choice of heated hand grips, to the perfect handlebar for riding in maximum style and comfort.

Craft the ideal motorcycle ergonomics with additional accessories that can be used to tailor your bike’s fit to your exact needs, like highway pegs, a plush backrest, or a new seat for your next adventure. Plus, you can ensure that your co-pilot rides comfortably too with passenger footboards, armrests and grab rails.

Sometimes, of course, comfort takes the form of peace of mind. Find accessory options among our motorcycle storage and security collection that can help you take your bike not further into the distance—but further into the future.

Best Motorcycle Accessories for Comfort

Louder: Best Motorcycle Audio Accessories

For others, it might not be the desire for the loud sound of the engine that’s strongest but the desire for a soundtrack of their own—whether it’s their favorite music streamed in through powerful, high-definition motorcycle amplifiers and speakers, or the voices of their fellow riders coming through loud and clear on a new integrated communications system.

Discover more of our best audio accessories to amp up your next tour.

Custom: Best Motorcycle Style Accessories

Your bike is always going to be, to a certain extent, an extension of your individual personality. Make it truly, uniquely your own with just the right mix of custom motorcycle accessories and trim options.

Create the seamless look you’ve always dreamed with our motorcycle collections. Find options featuring everything from classic chrome and rubber to the Harley-Davidson® #1 Skull logo. Of course, collections are just some of the virtually endless possibilities you have to design a bike that matches your vision. Update elements across your entire bike, from your rear fender to front headlamp trim.

Learn about Motorcycle Collections


Best Motorcycle Style Accessories


You can also customize your bike’s canvas with color-matched motorcycle components from the Harley-Davidson® Color Shop. Choose from an array of accents from the Color Shops Accessory Bodywork. Available through your local Harley-Davidson® dealer, this collection of primed and color-matched components—Tour-Pak® luggage, stretched saddlebags, inner fairings, spoilers, and much more—endows your Harley with a personality of its own.

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