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Harley-Davidson's Best Motorcycle Tank Bags

July 26, 2023

Whether you’re planning a cross-country adventure or are just trying to make it to work on time with everything you need, having the right storage on your bike is essential. And if you’re looking for an accessible place to keep your most important items, look no further than the unsung hero of motorcycle bags: the tank bag. 

Harley Davidson’s Best Motorcycle Tank Bags

For your money, these are the best Harley-Davidson® tank bags that you can bring with you. With options to fit your Harley® motorcycle of choice like a glove, you can be sure you’re getting a secure fit along with convenient, organizable storage and rugged, durable design. Stow your essential items in style with these top tank bags, each of which offers a clear top pouch for easy viewing of maps and directions. 

Motorcycle Tank Bag FAQs

What Is a Tank Bag?

Tank bags are motorcycle luggage options specifically designed to fit on top of a bike’s gas tank. These handy bags are prime choices for adding convenient storage to your ride. They offer ready-to-hand access to the gear and personal items you need to be able to grab quickly—smartphones, cameras, maps, wallets. Rather than be stuck rifling through your pockets at a tollbooth or drive-thru, you can simply store them within easy reach from the saddle.

Better yet, when you make a stop, you can unhitch the bag and take it with you. In fact, some bags may work double-time as backpacks, so you don’t have to overload your bike with extra luggage.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Tank Bags

Whether you’re a commuter, tourer, or purely recreational rider, tank bags offer some key advantages over other storage possibilities. Virtually any rider can fit a tank bag into their riding habits thanks to these benefits:

  • Convenience: These bags are kings of convenience, giving you easy access to the things you need most on the road. And that convenience only increases when you add options like a touch-sensitive window that lets you view and use your smartphone or GPS navigator screen through a waterproof rain cover.
  • Versatility and portability: With a variety of sizes to suit your particular needs—all of which can be easily toted around on foot—tank bags make excellent companions for both quick stops and longer tours.

Of course, no motorcycle luggage is without its drawbacks and trade-offs. Consider these issues as you look to meet your storage needs:

  • Limited storage: One of a tank bags’ greatest advantages may also be their biggest drawback, depending upon your needs. Although they’re very convenient, they don’t typically offer as much room for your things as larger luggage like saddle bags.
  • Interference with riding: Especially with bulkier options and in combination with smaller-statured riders, tank bags can run the risk of impeding access to your controls. Be sure to choose a bag that’s the right fit for your bike and body and that allows you to ride comfortably.

How to Choose a Tank Bag

H-D tank bags are designed to fit specific models of bikes and to sit conveniently atop your bike’s tank. Each tank bag has different dimensions, but most can fit important items like tools, a cover, or maybe your packed lunch.

Interested in more storage options? See all of our available tank bags, and discover even more ways to carry what you need on the road in our full collection of high-quality motorcycle bags and luggage.

And to explore your choices in person, you can head to your local Harley-Davidson® dealer

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