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Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts and Holders from Harley-Davidson

August 30, 2023

Sometimes, you might take to the open road to leave your digital devices behind. But other times, there’s not much way around the convenience offered by our smartphones. With the help of a motorcycle phone mount, you can keep in touch, charge your phone, and arrive on time with the help of easy GPS navigation—all hands-free.

Use this guide to find the best Harley-Davidson cellphone holders, mounts, and chargers for your motorcycle, and keep your trusty device handy during your next ride.

Types of Phone Mounts

If you’re considering mounting your phone to your bike, the primary question to consider is probably an obvious one: Where?

And, of course, the best answer will depend on the design of your particular bike. Regardless, you have a few different options:

  • Handlebar mounts: The most common option, handlebar mounts clamp right around traditional rounded, tubular handlebars.
  • Clutch mounts: On bikes with shorter-style or clip-on handlebars without ample room or a well-rounded handlebar, clutch mounts enable riders to keep their smartphones within easy reach by mounting the phone directly to the left-hand control of their bike.
  • Fork stem mounts: Another less common option used by sport bike riders is the fork stem mount. Motorcycle phone mounts in this style require significantly more setup time, as they use a plug that inserts directly into the bike’s fork stem hole and then expands. 

In addition to the mount of your choice, you’ll also need a carrier that can hold your phone. Look for a universal phone carrier that can be adjusted to fit your particular smartphone model. In addition, you can also find water resistant carriers that help protect your device from the elements. 

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts and Carriers from Harley-Davidson

To ride hands-free on your Harley® motorcycle, we offer heavy-duty motorcycle phone mounts designed to stand up to whatever the open road has to offer. Choose from phone holder options in chrome or black to match your bike, and you’ll find features that keep your device protected on every one of our mounts. Rugged outer cases seal your phone inside with a hinge and clamp, while soft touchscreen technology enables easy fingertip navigation—or use with touchscreen-friendly gloves.

Explore our top phone mount options

Browse all Harley-Davidson motorcycle phone mounts.

Motorcycle Phone Mount and Holder FAQs

Have more questions about using motorcycle phone mounts? Get answers and the info you need here.

Is vibration bad for my phone?

Instruments and sensors inside modern smartphone cameras can be susceptible to damage when exposed to heavy vibrations like those experienced on a motorcycle handlebar or chassis. That’s why Harley-Davidson offers an easy-to-install anti-vibration module that not only help protect smartphones from vibrations but help them remain securely mounted. 

Should I use a waterproof phone case?

Waterproof phone cases can be paired with motorcycle phone mounts and universal phone carriers in order to protect devices from dust and rain out on the road. However, if you would prefer to avoid the bulk of a waterproof case after you’re done with your ride, you can also turn to Harley-Davidson’s rigid water-resistant carrier designed to guard your phone against the elements.

Are motorcycle phone mounts legal?

Yes. Using a phone holder on your motorcycle enables you to ride hands-free and avoid the unsafe (and typically illegal) practice of holding your phone while riding. Nevertheless, it’s important to practice safe riding habits while using a motorcycle phone mount. Harley-Davidson® handlebar and clutch mounts can keep phones conveniently located without interfering with riders’ ability to manipulate their bike or access controls. 

Where else can I store my phone on my motorcycle?

With the help of a Bluetooth® helmet or headset, riders can maintain a hands-free connection to their devices without necessarily mounting them to their bike. Store your phone in a tank bag or other accessory bag option, and you’ll still be able to hear your music, directions, or riding partners loud and clear—and easily access your phone during pit stops. 

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Ready to find the mount you need? Explore all of our motorcycle phone mounts and carriers here to go hands-free today online or at your local Harley-Davidson® dealer.

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