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Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Our Harley-Davidson motorcycle phone mounts allow you to ride hands-free. They're designed to allow adjustable positioning of smartphones or any music device. Ball-point mounts are centrally anchored to the handle to ensure a direct view slightly below the speedometer. To guarantee rider-friendly features, we also have a universal phone carrier with a handlebar mount. This mount can easily rotate to allow for vertical and horizontal viewing of your device, and you can operate your phone even more easily with our touchscreen-friendly gloves.

We also have waterproof motorcycle phone mount accessories. The outer casing is resistant to rain and dust, and they work well with an assortment of Bluetooth devices or even infotainment systems. We also have a package motorcycle phone mount with charger. It's developed to ensure that your phone doesn't run out of charge. You power the mounted charger via the bike's system, so there's no need to worry about a power bank.

Every heavy-duty motorcycle phone mount in our inventory comes with safety-enhancing features for your smartphone. Their outer cases have 360-degree gasket elements that seal your phone inside with a hinge and clamp. The soft touchscreen technology enables fingertip navigation of all on-screen functions. You can also get a handlebar phone holder that comes with standard cradles that help put your phone close to handle controls for easy access. Their duo thumb screws clump faster as you adjust the phone’s grip. When combined with a lever perch mount, their swivel head allows the phone to rotate to your ideal viewing position. Their non-slip pads help hold your phone in both vertical and horizontal orientations so you view and set your phone at the position that's most convenient at any given moment.

Look to Harley-Davidson for all your motorcycle tech gear, including GPS navigation and complete audio systems.