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Best Touring Motorcycles from Harley-Davidson

June 05, 2024 Comments Comment

Forever seeking that next experience and exciting new route, touring motorcyclists ride out with home in their pocket, the wind in their face and the world at their fingertips. The best touring motorcycles from Harley-Davidson® take riders beyond the horizon with the comfort and capability that makes the journey spectacular. This guide highlights motorcycle touring and the best touring motorcycles from Harley-Davidson. 

Motorcycle Touring 101

Touring on a motorcycle can be generally defined as riding for an extended distance – think across states lines rather than across town. A touring rider may have a specific destination in mind or may simply enjoy aimless exploring. A touring ride may be a day-long adventure or extend on for multiple days.

Touring riders often place emphasis on comfort and ergonomics over all-out performance, on range over top speed, and on features that add convenience when the ride can last hours and hundreds of miles. At Harley-Davidson, we take exceptional care in designing touring motorcycles with seats, controls and aerodynamic features intended to provide most riders with a comfortable and confident ride. 

The Best Touring Motorcycles from Harley-Davidson

Your best long-distance motorcycle will offer ergonomics that fit your body, style that matches your personality and features that support the type of touring you’d like to pursue. Harley-Davidson offers a touring motorcycle to meet the needs of almost any rider and passenger, and the accessories you can use to customize that bike to perfection.

Best Grand American Touring Motorcycles from Harley-Davidson 

A Grand American Touring motorcycle from Harley-Davidson is designed from the wheels up for long-distance riding. Top models offer luggage capacity for travel essentials, responsive power for confident passing, comfort and technology features and passenger accommodations. The passenger, of course, is optional. 

A great choice for the touring rider looking for the absolute ultimate in luxury and long-haul comfort for rider and a passenger. With this bike, you can enjoy outstanding aerodynamic performance, the gear capacity of a King Tour-Pak® luggage carrier and saddlebags, four-speaker audio and a color infotainment screen with navigation. The Road Glide Limited motorcycle makes short work of the long road ahead.

For the rider looking for a leaner profile and tech-forward features, the Street Glide motorcycle combines an iconic profile with the latest rider safety enhancements, advanced aero comfort, and powerful audio and infotainment technology.

Best CVO Touring Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson

The exclusivity of a limited-production Custom Vehicle Operation (CVO) motorcycle sets its rider apart from the crowd. These super-premium models feature show-stopping finishes, advanced technology, and exclusive components.

For the rider that appreciates obsessive attention to detail, there’s dazzling intricate custom paint and finishes. Exclusive high-performance engine and suspension components elevate the ride. A premium four-speaker Harley-Davidson Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate® Stage II audio system delivers unmatched performance. This bike helps you to go the distance in style.

Best Adventure Touring Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson

For some riders, the adventure doesn’t begin until the pavement ends. A rugged Harley-Davidson Adventure Touring motorcycle offers the ability to navigate paved and unpaved surfaces.

You’ll be unstoppable on this multi-tool motorcycle – a rugged, powerful, and technologically advanced mount for riders who want the option to explore a variety of on- and off-road routes. Add accessory aluminum side and top cases and head out for global adventure.

Trike Touring Model

A Harley-Davidson Trike is the ideal platform for three-wheel touring with confidence and carrying capacity.  

The ultimate in two-up comfort for adventurers who appreciate the stability of a three-wheel motorcycle platform and the classic style and aero comfort of the batwing fairing. The integrated trunk and King Tour-Pak® luggage carrier will carry all your essentials, and this trike is loaded with Harley touring features.

Cruiser Models for Touring

While they may not be traditional touring motorcycles, the Harley-Davidson Cruiser portfolio offers iconic and diverse styling – from nostalgic to very modern – paired with the ability to customize and make the ultimate personal statement.

This is how Harley-Davidson does sport touring. The Low Rider ST motorcycle is a weekend escape machine for the rider who digs clean-and-lean West Coast style and craves outrageous power. All you want is muscular performance, a frame-mounted fairing and lockable hard-shell saddlebags. Get ready to run for the border.

This quintessential American cruiser offers show-stopping vintage details for the rider who loves the look of Harley-Davidson models from the 1950s. Beneath the nostalgia is a thoroughly modern motorcycle equipped with key touring features, including weather-proof saddlebags to carry your gear, a detachable full windscreen for wind and weather protection, and comfortable passenger accommodations. There's no better way to rack up some miles with style than in the Heritage Classic 114.

Browse all Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycles

Browse all Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles or see these fantastic touring motorcycles in person and schedule a test ride at your local authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

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