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Women's Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Women's Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet motorcycle gloves for women are the pinnacle in protection against cold and inclement weather conditions. Gauntlet gloves are crucial for keeping cold and water from shooting up your sleeves while you ride in the elements. We’ve taken that concept to the next level by designing women's gauntlet motorcycle gloves with cuffs that fit underneath your leather jacket or riding jacket to form a snug, elastic seal around your wrists. We’ve even installed zippers and snap-on wrist tabs to make sure you have an impenetrable barrier against the biting cold of the open road. With a high-tech, efficient, machine-black style, our under-cuff gauntlet gloves also bring a unique sleekness to any rider’s look.

A significant advantage of our under-cuff women's waterproof motorcycle gloves is that you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable bunching anymore. Our elongated, thin but tough cuffs will seal around your wrists seamlessly. Our gauntlet gloves also come outfitted with comfortable, plush synthetic-fiber thermal insulation that maintains your body temperature against every icy blast Mother Nature throws at you. Our thermal insulation even has moisture-wicking technology to ensure your hands stay optimally comfortable. Many of our gauntlet gloves match our jackets, overpants, and other selections from our cold-weather riding gear.

Cold-weather gauntlet gloves for women are a must-have for any rider who needs to be on the open road year-round. Just like our lighter-weight riding gloves, our gauntlet gloves have an ergonomic thumb and pre-curved finger luxury for that grip support you need on those long rides. If you’re partial to our heated jacket liners, we’ve also got heated gauntlet gloves that seamlessly hook up to your jacket liner and fully immerse you in total body warmth.