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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Women's Touchscreen Gloves

Women's Touchscreen Gloves

Use your smartphone while keeping your hands warm with our touchscreen gloves for female bikers. If you're like many riders, you use a phone to navigate, play music, and stay in communication on the road. When it's too cold for bare hands, touchscreen gloves help you stay connected and comfortable.

When you tap the screen of a smartphone, your fingers absorb a tiny electrical signal that tells the phone where you're tapping. Traditional gloves can't replicate this process, which is why you need to remove them before using the phone. That's where our touch screen biker gloves come in — they feature special conductive material on the fingertips, so you can use the phone screen as usual. When it's cold or rainy outside, these gloves keep your hands warm and flexible for the ride ahead, especially when paired with your H-D leather jacket or riding jacket.

The design of our women's warm touchscreen motorcycle gloves offers both style and functionality. Gloves with elastic at the palm, hand, and wrist deliver the flexibility you need, whether you're on the road or sending a text. For long rides, models with ergonomic thumbs or pre-curved designs can help reduce fatigue and make it easier to grip your handlebars. Strategically placed padding creates a layer of softness in high-stress areas such as knuckles or palms. Keep your hands comfortable on unpredictable spring or fall days with touchscreen gloves that come with mesh panels. They allow extra airflow, so your skin stays dry even when the sun is shining.

Keep your street style going strong with touch-sensitive gloves for female bikers that include classic Harley-Davidson elements. Features like leather construction, contrast stitching, edgy metal badges, and Harley-Davidson logo patches complement a rugged leather jacket and a bold ride. For extra cold weather, add extra warmth with gloves made from suede, Sherpa fleece, and soft tricot. With the right touchscreen gloves, you can ride through the shoulder seasons in comfort.