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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Women's Motorcycle Booties

Women's Motorcycle Booties

With a pair of our booties made for bikers, you can look stylish while riding. It's hard to imagine that you can find great-looking women's booties that will also satisfy your needs as a biker, but you can. You aren't looking for basic ankle boots; you're looking for Harley-Davidson black motorcycle booties.

This is a different class of shoe that is constructed with full-grain leather. The material comes from the upper layer of the cowhide. You don't find this with all leather products.

The upper layer is where the animal pores are found, which ensures that the shoes are breathable. We know you're going to be wearing those biker booties all day, so you need breathable material. The fibers of the material are also strong, which is important for bikers like you. This means it will be harder for rocks or debris on the road to hurt you when you reach those high speeds.

We should also point out that our wonderful array of black or brown motorcycle boots has an oil-resistant rubber outsole. We know how it is out there, on the streets. You never know when you're going to get off your bike and step in some oil. Having motorcycle footwear that anticipates that problem while still keeping you cute is a big deal.

Our motorcycle ankle boots are usually fully cement constructed, which helps us create shoes designed to be flexible. We want you to feel comfortable when you wear our high-performance boots, and we took care of that on our end. Stiffness is a problem with many of the motorcycle booties out there, but that's not a problem you're going to deal with when you choose a pair from Harley-Davidson.