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Women's Motorcycle Body Armor

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Women's Motorcycle Body Armor

Having a well-fitted set of women's body armor is essential to keep yourself safe on the road. A smartly placed belt or a few pads in the right places can prevent severe damage to your body. We have many accessories that'll help keep you safe in the event of an accident. Things such as helmets, overpants, and gloves are key components of biking safely and responsibly.

A well-made jacket is a crucial asset on the road. There are jackets with pockets to include body armor for women as well as other valuable attributes. For instance, several of our designs have an inner lining and hand pockets to protect you from the cold plus breathable fabric that will keep you from overheating in the summer. Some of our women's body armor holds a sturdy shell that will shield you from falls and even an outer barrier to help you weather the rain. All our jackets have a fashionable look while simultaneously guarding their precious cargo.

Many of the attributes of our jackets also apply to our chaps and overpants. They, too, protect against harsh weather and falls. Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle armor for women who love to ride often and aren't going to let less than ideal conditions prevent them from doing what they love. These pants include height adjustment straps, and these are interchangeable, so you can mix and match them with different jackets that you may have.

A good set of women's motorcycle body armor wouldn't be complete without a couple of pairs of comfortable gloves. Our gloves will be in the right hands, padded for your safety, and designed to give you a sturdy grip. Several models range from cute to bold, ventilating and hand warming, fingerless to finger-padded. We even have a denim and leather design. No matter what you desire, the right set of women's body armor is waiting for you at Harley-Davidson.